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Introduction to Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

Summit Truck Group North Little Rock Ar is more than just an automotive dealership. It’s an exciting destination for all your truck needs! With a wide selection of light and heavy duty trucks, we are sure to have the perfect option for you. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse or something more recreational, Summit Truck Group has the vehicles to match your needs.

Our team here at Summit Truck Group consists of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to helping our customers get exactly what they’re looking for. From sales specialists to finance experts, we have the expertise required to guide you through the process and make sure your purchase is perfect in every way. We also provide excellent service , so that you can be sure that no matter what kind of job or lifestyle needs you have, our technicians have got you covered!

What sets us apart from other automotive dealerships is our commitment to customer satisfaction – we go above and beyond to ensure that every customer leaves with a vehicle that fits their budget and expectations perfectly! We offer great deals on new and used trucks online as well as specials like free accessories, warranties and financing options to help make it easier on our customers when taking possession of their dream truck. Our knowledgeable staff can help answer any questions about specific models or financing plans which can help put your mind at ease when it comes time to commit. In addition, we don’t stop offering amazing service after purchase – our technicians are here for regular maintenance checks, 24/7 emergency support and detailed repair jobs should anything come up in the future!

At Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR, shopping for a vehicle doesn’t mean sacrificing great customer service – it means getting top notch quality along with friendly attention from start to finish! Make sure to drop by soon if you’re in the market for a new truck -our dedicated team here is committed to finding exactly what you need in order get started on your next big adventure!

Exploring the Benefits of Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

Summit Truck Group is a full-service truck dealership located in North Little Rock, AR; with an expansive selection of new, used and certified trucks built to withstand the tough jobs and meet your every need. When you’re in the market for a reliable vehicle, Summit Truck Group offers remarkable perks and advantages that you won’t find anywhere else. Here are just a few of the benefits featured when you work with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR:

Quality Inventory – At Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR, they offer an extensive inventory of pre-owned and certified commercial vehicles, ranging from pickups to semi-trucks. Their fully inspected selection includes Ford F350s, Volvo VNLs and Freightliners—all at competitive prices. From large scale fleets to single trucks, their team is sure to help you find the perfect auto solution for your business or personal needs.

Competitive Financing Options – With convenient financing options at Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR, it’s easier than ever to become a truck owner**.** They proudly work with some of the industry’s leading lenders, so no matter what your financial profile looks like or credit score may be—they have something to suite everyone’s wallet! You can even take advantage of special loan offers with customizable funding packages for your unique situation, allowing you to get on the road faster than ever before.

Exceptional Service Team – The team at Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR value hardworking individuals above all else; that’s why they go above and beyond when it comes creating value for their customers. Offering specialized maintenance services from qualified technicians who give exemplary customer service with each visit is what sets them apart from other dealerships in area. Whether it’s regular tune-ups or emergency repairs that are needed; the experts on staff make sure that you receive timely service every time–helping put your mind at ease as soon as you step foot in their shop!

The countless benefits offered by working with Summit Truck Group are obvious; When it comes making sure that getting on the road again safely and quickly— nobody beats them**!** Come visit today and explore everything they have offer –you’ll be glad did!

Step by Step Guide on How to Maximize Results from Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR can be a great way to maximize your results. Whether you’re looking for a new truck or service, the staff at Summit Truck Group strives to provide an enjoyable, hassle-free experience for all their clients. We’ve created this step by step guide so that you can make the most out of working with them.

Step 1: Research Your Needs – The first step is to determine what you specifically need in terms of vehicles, parts and/or services. Do some research online and look into different models and offers from Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR. This will help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking for before visiting the dealership.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment – Once you have narrowed down your needs, contact Summit Truck Group to schedule an appointment with a sales representative or service advisor. This will ensure that when you arrive at the dealership, there will be ample time for one-on-one advice about what vehicle will benefit your lifestyle best.

Step 3: Ask Questions – During your appointment, take advantage and ask questions about any worries or hesitations you may have. You are in control! Their staff is always willing to answer any queries specific to features on certain makes/models as well as give insights on purchasing options such as financing and leasing plans offered at Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR.

Step 4: Make An Offer – When it comes times to discuss pricing, don’t let nerves get the best of you and try not come off too eager or talk yourself out of a good deal because of worry about potential year-end specials or other “myths” circulating around automotive purchases! Speaking directly with sales representatives or management-level personnel can help give leverage during negotiations over price points and incentives available through Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR . Utilize resources such as NADA Guides or Kelly Blue Book Value Reports (available online) if needed when finalizing pricing options.

Step 5: Finalize The Deal – Finally, once all important details have been decided upon, make sure those details are included in each signed document along with additional provisions regarding warranties and/or safety inspections (if requested). Make sure all information is correct prior signing which strengthens customer protection rights should any unforeseen issues arise after leaving the dealership premises concerning said purchase from Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR .

Following these steps while working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR greatly improves the outcome of getting exactly what you want according to budgeted criteria while making sure coverage options are acknowledged in writing via signed documents prepared exclusively in your name! Good luck and happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

Q: What types of services does Summit Truck Group offer?

A: We are a full service dealership offering a wide range of commercial truck sales and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our experienced team has been providing quality sales, service, and parts support since 1995. Our services include new and used truck sales, leasing, customization, body repair, parts installation and maintenance services for medium duty, heavy duty and off-road trucks. With an expansive selection of manufacturers such as Ford, International, Kenworth, Freightliner and more – Summit Truck Group is your one-stop shop for all your trucking needs.

Q: What can I expect when working with Summit Truck Group?

A: When you work with Summit Truck Group you can expect the highest level of customer service – whether you need assistance selecting a new or used vehicle or require custom installations or repairs to existing equipment. We have a knowledgeable staff on hand who are committed to helping you find the right solution that fits both your business objectives and budget. Additionally we have access to a large selection premium quality genuine parts from leading brands in the aftermarket industry that allows us to provide timely solutions that suit every job application. All repairs performed by our professional team come with our guarantee of quality workmanship as well as timely completion so you can get back on the road quickly!

Q: Does Summit Truck Group offer financing options?

A: Yes! We understand that purchasing a commercial truck may involve a significant expenditure which is why we offer flexible financing plans designed to meet individual purchase requirements. Our team will review each application thoroughly before recommending suitable terms for purchase including lease-to-own options tailored for lower monthly payment options along with adjustable loan periods with highly competitive interest rates depending on credit history status – allowing us to find the best plan fit for each customer’s circumstances.

Q: Does Summit Truck Group provide home delivery?

A: Absolutely! Every step of our process has been designed with convenience in mind – from choosing the right vehicle based on your needs & budget considerations through to final collection or delivery at any location throughout Arkansas & select states in the surrounding region (depending on available coverage). We also provide hassle-free returns if needed so rest assured knowing we’ll work hard so you’re satisfied every single time!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

1. Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR is a family owned business that has been serving the area since 1954. We specialize in new, pre-owned, OEM and aftermarket parts for medium and heavy-duty trucks. We also provide full service repairs, maintenance, and body work for all makes and models of commercial vehicles. With over 65 years of experience, our knowledge and expertise can help you get the job done right!

2. Our team of professional technicians are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified and have the knowledge and skillset to diagnose any type of vehicle problem no matter how complex it may be. From small renovations to large rebuilds – we do it all! Our team utilizes advanced tools and techniques to get your truck back on the road quickly, safely, and reliably.

3. Getting parts delivered on time is essential when running a business so we offer quick response times with same day delivery available around North Little Rock AR at no additional charge! We provide fast order fulfillment so you don’t have to wait long before repairs can begin. We’re here to make sure your truck is up-and-running as soon as possible so you can be back in business sooner rather than later!

4. At Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR we know how critical safety is out on the roads which is why we provide free safety inspections regularly when you bring your vehicle into us for service or repair. By taking advantage of these inspections each time you come in for maintenance you can avoid unnecessary accidents or incidents out on the road due to overlooked problems with your truck or trailer!

5. Quality customer service is an integral part of our company mission statement which is why everyone at Summit strive to put our customers first above all else when fulfilling their needs swiftly yet accurately every single time they come into our store or call with inquiries whether they need assistance finding pieces that will suit their budget & needs or getting information on scheduling an appointment with one of our ASE certified specialists – customer satisfaction always comes first!

Summary and Closing Thoughts on the Benefits of Working with Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR

The Summit Truck Group in North Little Rock, AR is a great place to work. The staff are welcoming and friendly and provide an excellent working environment. They provide a high level of customer service, quality parts and exceptional service. There is no shortage of advantages to working with the Summit Truck Group.

The top advantage of a job at the Summit Truck Group is the commitment to providing superior customer service every time. With a well-oiled system of organization, communication and processes, customers are always taken care of quickly, making them happy and helping to boost business in the local area. The team takes anytime necessary to answer questions or address issues that may come up while they’re driving their vehicles around town or on long-haul trips across country.

In addition to providing stellar customer service, Summit Truck Group employees have access to first-rate equipment that ensures jobs are done quickly and correctly — something that can’t always be said for other places you might find yourself seeking employment! Employees also get daily helpful reminders about upcoming meetings and events happening within the department or company as a whole since everyone in the organization likes to stay on top of what’s going on each day.

Employees at Summit Truck Group can also take advantage of competitive wages — something that keeps people coming back year after year – while building long-term relationships with customers throughout Arkansas as well as beyond state lines! Not only does this provide financial gratification for employees, but it also gives them an opportunity to meet new people from various backgrounds — something that can benefit any individual striving for professional growth.

Finally, when it comes down it there’s no better feeling than knowing your job matters — especially in regards to sector where lives depend on those who work directly within it! And this sense of purpose adds validity and joy not only for the workers themselves but also for folks out there who rely so heavily upon our services (such as drivers). We understand we share responsibility over keeping roads safe by ensuring vehicles are running smoothly; therefore knowing we play such an important role lets us know how much value each person has here at Summit Truck Group North Little Rock AR!

To sum up everything mentioned above: working with Summit Truck Groups offers multiple benefits such as quality customer services due its well organized systems plus access to premium equipments; competitive wages could be expected too which encourages loyalty towards employer; lastly having real sense of purpose when got hitched with road safety world enable one knowing their contribution really count here hence considered invaluable assets serving community playing crucial roles along side ensuring users’ smooth journeys!