Experience Third Coast Auto Group Inc. in Round Rock, TX: Quality Cars and Exceptional Service


Overview of Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX is one of the leading providers of quality auto sales and service in Central Texas. They offer a variety of services, including new car sales, used car sales, parts, repair and maintenance services. As a family owned and operated business since 1989, they are dedicated to serving the Austin and surrounding communities with the highest quality customer service available. With six locations throughout the Central Texas area spanning from Round Rock to Temple, Third Coast has been servicing thousands of people for all their auto needs for over three decades.

The knowledgeable staff at Third Coast are highly trained in assessing each customer’s individual needs when it comes to selecting and purchasing vehicles by using a consultative approach that matches the customer’s lifestyle with their perfect vehicle. Whether you’re looking for a brand new car or need repairs on your current car, Third Coast Auto Group can help you find exactly what you’re looking for so you can count on them to provide reliable service and honest advice every time.

Third Coast Auto consistently offers unbeatable values on both new and pre-owned vehicles so that customers don’t have to break the bank while still getting an affordable option that will last them years down the line. In addition to offering experienced mechanics who get your vehicle back into prime driving condition quickly and at reasonable prices, they also work directly with lenders if financing is desired giving customers peace of mind knowing they’re getting not only great vehicles but great rates as well! Not only do they offer outstanding value but also purchase cars! Customers hoping to sell theirs can take advantage of their convenient payment process free quote program right away whether in-store or online giving Third Coast customers instant cash offers – No hassle – no obligations – just fast cash today!

For more than 30 years now – full commitment to premier customer service along with wonderful deals makes Third Coast Auto Group Inc.,Round Rocks must visit option when it comes finding your perfect vehicle without putting too much strain on your budget!

Cost Savings of a Car from Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

The cost savings of owning a car from Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX can be substantial, especially for families and individuals on tight budgets. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from Third Coast Auto Group means saving money not only in the sticker price but also in the long run by avoiding expensive repairs that come with purchasing a used vehicle from an unknown seller.

At Third Coast Auto Group every car is thoroughly inspected before being put up for sale, ensuring you get a reliable set of wheels in great condition. Knowing that each certified car is backed by an extensive detailed inspection report can provide peace of mind and monetary value throughout your ownership absence. Additionally, all vehicles come with an extensive warranty to protect you against any potential post-sale repair costs and other unforeseen expenses.

In addition to providing assurance, those who purchase their automobile through Third Coast Auto Group might also be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fuel and maintenance costs over the course of their ownership. Many certified pre-owned vehicles sold by the dealership qualify for special deals on oil changes, battery replacements, and brake repairs, making it even easier to keep your vehicle running smoothly without breaking the bank.

Finally, when shopping for vehicles at Third Coast Auto Group you can rest assured that you are getting excellent customer service from experienced sales staff who will work diligently to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase selection and experience. From start-to-finish they will help you navigate the process of finding and securing a sound vehicle that fits both your lifestyle and budgeting needs perfectly.

For individuals seeking cost savings while still getting quality transportation options then look no further than Third Coast Auto Group Inc., Round Rock Texas – where opportunity meets affordability!

Finance Options Available at Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

At Third Coast Auto Group Inc. in Round Rock TX, we understand that buying a car can be a daunting process. That’s why we offer our customers an array of finance options to make their experience as simple and straightforward as possible.

For customers looking for flexible payment terms or the ability to spread out payments over time, we offer both short-term financing up to 60 months and long-term financing up to 84 months on select vehicles. Additionally, no matter what each customer’s credit score is, we can help find a loan package that fits within their individual budget — helping take away some of the stress often associated with buying a car.

We also provide an in-house budgeting center where qualified professionals will review one’s personal financial situation and develop a personalized repayment plan they are comfortable executing. Furthermore, if someone has less than perfect credit, we have lenders who can work through different subprime issues and may still be able to get them approved.

Our team of experienced advisors are here to help our customers weigh their options when it comes to financing at Third Coast Auto Group Inc. We strive to provide competitive rates while also keeping convenience and affordability top of mind — this is our commitment when it comes to working with each of our customers one on one!

Benefits of Buying an Extended Warranty from Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

The purchase of an extended warranty from Third Coast Auto Group Inc. in Round Rock, TX is a great way to protect your new or used vehicle for the long haul. An extended warranty can cover parts and repair costs for an agreed-upon time period following the expiration of your factory warranty. The cost of repairs can be expensive, especially on late-model vehicles that have complex computer systems, advanced air bags and sophisticated sensors and monitors. By investing in an extended auto service agreement, you can confidently take your car or truck to any dealership with the assurance that major repair parts will be covered by the third party provider.

In addition to saving money on extensive repairs down the road, there are other key benefits of buying an extended warranty from Third Coast Auto Group Inc., such as convenience and peace of mind. Unlike traditional insurers whose policies require driver verification prior to claims approval, you can rest assured that any approved repairs covered through their program will be completed without additional hassle or paperwork delays. You won’t have to handle back-and-forth phone tags with claim adjusters or encounter any costly surprises if something should go wrong with your car between regular maintenance visits.

Third Coast Auto Group’s extended warranties also give you access to certified technicians who specialize in working on all makes and models. That means no more taking a gamble when it comes to finding reliable service near you – technicians employed by this service contract administrator are highly skilled professionals who know how to diagnose and repair even the most difficult problems quickly and efficiently at minimal out-of-pocket expense (assuming they’re covered under the policy). In addition, opting in for their extensive plans may entitle customers additional services like roadside assistance coverage during times when their cars are immobile due setbacks caused by natural disasters, mechanical breakdowns and more.

By taking advantage of Third Coast Auto Group Inc.’s extended service agreement options offered throughout Round Rock TX; customers can receive potential savings on hundreds or even thousands worth of automotive repair bills while getting maximum returns on their investments into these warranties due safety nets they provide against unpredictable circumstances that could arise unexpectedly while being out on Texas roads – providing purchasers long lasting peace of mind when traversing Lone Star State highways & neighborhood streets alike!

Test-Driving and Buying Process at Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

The test-driving and buying process at Third Coast Auto Group Inc. in Round Rock, TX is both streamlined and comprehensive. As one of the top car dealerships in the area, they are proud to offer a stress-free shopping experience for all customers.

The process begins with the customer’s own test drive journey; Third Coast strongly suggests that customers drive any vehicle before making a decision to purchase it—this is no surprise as driving around in a car helps you get a sense of what it will be like owning it. They also recommend taking pictures, examining body panels closely, or even bring along your current car insurance information so Third Coast’s qualified staff can provide you with quotes on coverage options if you decide to move forward.

Once you’ve made your selection and feel comfortable about the purchase, Third Coast will work with you to make sure you understand every detail of financing options available through their dealership—including warranties and extended service plans which are backed by their robust network of seasoned finance specialists. In addition to helping customers secure the best financing solution possible, their team takes pride offering exceptional customer service during this phase of the buying process: they carefully review each document ensuring that neither typos nor misprints occur while thoroughly explaining every regulatory stipulation before getting your signed approval. The experience doesn’t stop there: after salespeople have collected electronic signatures on loan documents, they’ll even fill out title paperwork items as well as arrange necessary notorizing services when applicable —all free-of-charge upon closing.

Third Coast Auto Group Inc.’s approach to test driving and purchasing cars has been crafted over many years; making them an excellent choice whatever your sales needs may be—whether for preowned vehicles or certified preowned cars which come with manufacturer’s warranties, long-term reputation investments such local auto shows & parades, charitable organizations partnerships for community relief support , or beyond!

FAQs about Purchasing a Car from Third Coast Auto Group Inc. Round Rock TX

1. What type of vehicles do you offer at Third Coast Auto Group Inc.?

At Third Coast Auto Group Inc., we offer a wide range of pre-owned vehicles for sale, including cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks from popular automakers such as Chevrolet, Ford, Honda and Toyota. We also carry luxury brands such as Acura and Infiniti. Visit our website or come in to talk with one of our knowledgeable salespeople to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs.

2. How do I set up an appointment?

Setting up an appointment at Third Coast Auto Group is easy! Simply call us during regular business hours or fill out our online form and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your appointment time.

3. What forms of payment do you accept?

At Third Coast Auto Group we accept cash payments as well as most major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Financing transactions can be made through some lenders we work with directly so please speak directly to one of our representatives if this is the route you would like to take when purchasing your new car from us.

4. Do you offer any special services or warranties?

Yes! We understand how important it is for buyers to have full faith that their vehicle has been properly inspected by a certified technician before they decide to purchase it from us. That’s why each vehicle purchased from us comes standard with a full 45-point inspection conducted by expert technicians on site, along with an unlimited 24-hour roadside assistance plan for added peace of mind when you’re out driving around in your new car!