Exploring Little Rocks Summit Truck Group: A Leader in the Automotive Industry


Introduction to Summit Truck Group in Little Rock, Arkansas

Summit Truck Group, located in Little Rock, Arkansas, is your one-stop-shop for all of your truck needs. Founded in 1998 by Curt Schoenberg, Summit Truck Group specializes in truck leasing and service offerings. With over 20 locations throughout the state, they are the leading providers of parts and services for the commercial trucking industry. The company’s goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing unmatched service and quality products at competitive prices.

From light to medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, Summit Truck Group has everything you need to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. They offer a wide selection of rental vans and trucks from premier manufacturers such as Ford and Freightliner as well as preowned options from Volvo and International brands like Peterbilt and Kenworth. Plus, if you’re looking for specific customizations or additional accessories to enhance your ride – they can help!

If you need repairs or preventative maintenance services while on the go, Summit has two convenient mobile repair facilities that come directly to you. They also provide full collision repair services both onsite at their Arkansas locations as well as remotely through their Remote Collision Supply Network (RCSN). In addition to maintenance packages tailored to meet specific regulations such as DOT inspections and walkaround inspections – Summit offers an array of insurance coverage options for clients who are seeking extra protection for their vehicles against mechanical breakdowns or accidents.

For complete convenience when it comes to suiting up your fleet – look no further than Summit Truck Group in Little Rock, Arkansas!

Benefits of Working with Summit Truck Group

When it comes to truck financing, repair services, and general maintenance for large vehicles, Summit Truck Group stands out from the competition. Our experienced professionals provide cost-effective solutions for commercial truck fleets of all sizes to keep them running smoothly. From providing exceptional customer service to offering some of the best rates in the industry, there are many great reasons to work with us.

For starters, our team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to servicing and repairing medium and heavy-duty vehicles. This expertise enables us to quickly troubleshoot any problems your fleet might be experiencing and get your trucks back up and running fast. We’re also well-versed in the latest technology used in today’s complex trucking systems — so you can count on us for reliable support whenever you need it.

What’s more, we offer competitive financing packages that fit within almost any budget. Whether you need short or long term financing or want to customize payment plans based on specific needs, our goal is always find a solution that meets your requirements — no matter how big or small they may be. Plus, we have access to exclusive manufacturer offerings that make securing finance easy and stress-free, giving you more flexibility when purchasing new vehicles for your fleet.

We also understand that time is money for all those involved in the trucking business — which is why we go above and beyond when responding to customer inquiries. All of our technicians are trained extensively on the branded components we carry so they can answer even the most discerning question with confidence — meaning you won’t have wait days waiting for solutions from other providers. And because safety is a high priority at Summit Truck Group, you’ll never have anything less than an excellent customer experience while working with us — saving valuable time while ensuring top quality products and services throughout every step of the process..

Step by Step Guide for How to Get Started with Summit Truck Group

Getting started with Summit Truck Group (STG) is easy and hassle-free. Whether you are an individual consumer or a fleet manager, STG has the right solution for your commercial vehicle needs. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get up and running quickly.

Step One: Explore Your Choices | Before making any commitment, spend some time exploring your options at STG. With locations across the US, we offer new and used commercial trucks from several leading brands like Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack and Volvo. Compare the features and benefits of each model to decide which one meets your specific requirements in terms of price, performance and reliability.

Step Two: Make an Appointment | Once you have narrowed down your choices, set up an appointment so that one of our experienced sales representatives can answer all your questions about our vehicles. Bring along any documentation including proof of a valid driver’s license or insurance information that may be needed to purchase the truck of your choice.

Step Three: Test Drive | Taking a test drive is essential to determine if the vehicle suits your driving style. Our trained staff will guide you through this important step where they will check all aspects such as steering feel, suspension quality and engine noise level while providing helpful tips on how to operate different parts of the truck safely.

Step Four: Utilize Additional Services | After deciding on the perfect vehicle for yourself or your business needs, take advantage of our other services like financing options available through various banking partners as well as maintenance packages designed to keep it road ready whenever necessary. Additionally don’t forget extended warranties if required for extra peace of mind!

Step Five: Get Behind The Wheel | Start enjoying the many benefits that come with owning a quality Summit Truck Group commercial vehicle! As always we are here ready to assist should ever need further support down the line after purchase – so don’t hesitate contact us anytime .

That’s it – you’re now ready to hit the road with Summit Truck Group behind in full confidence that you’ve made sound investment!.

Frequently Asked Questions about Working with Summit Truck Group

Q: How long has Summit Truck Group been in business?

A: Summit Truck Group has been around since the early 1980s and started as a regional freight transportation provider. Through the years, we have expanded our offerings to include nationwide information technology services and equipment solutions. Today, Summit is one of the most respected and well-known providers for heavy-duty truck component parts in North America. Our partnership agreements with domestic and international suppliers help to provide customers with quality parts, fast delivery, competitive pricing, and reliable service — experienced professionals make it their mission to ensure complete customer satisfaction at every level.

Q: How do I order parts from Summit Truck Group?

A: You can order parts directly on our website or give us a call at 888-737-1762 (toll free). We also accept orders via fax or email if you choose. We strive for quick turnaround times so you can get the exact part you need quickly. For the best customer service experience, please always specify your vehicle’s make, model, year when placing an order so we can better assist you with finding the right part. You can shop by product category (such as brakes, transmissions & drivetrains) or view pre-built packages that offer multiple components at a discounted package price.

Q: What payment methods does Summit Truck Group accept?

A: We accept credit card payments through American Express, Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card; standard check; certified funds including cashier’s checks; company payment plans determined upon credit approval; financing options through Marlin Financial Services; government purchase cards (GPC); open account charges including NET terms or COD terms determined upon credit approval; paypal (for non-freight transactions); wire transfers accounting for merchant fees is required), and electronic transfers from existing Summit customers established prior to placing your order. For further questions regarding payment methods please contact 901-683-2400 x 235 .

Q: Does Summit Truck Group provide delivery & installation services?

A: Yes! We understand how important it is that the products arrive safely and function correctly after installation – that’s why we provide professional delivery & installation services for most larger items outlined during your initial quote request process with one of our knowledgeable sales reps. Delivery alone consists of both pickup and drop off dates agreed upon prior to execution of an official purchase order being signed which takes into consideration expected wait time incurred due to general industry lead times + estimated transit time required per distance traveled & specified mode of transit selected by customer/general contractor affairing who pays respective fees in regard thereto based on receiving location provided by same stated customer/contractor party(ies). Additionally charges may occur depending on whether street side or dock delivery locations are selected – forklift assistance must be available when applicable to any such requested arrangement laid out therein! Furthermore complex dependent installations incorporating direct application wiring harnesses etc may incur extra labor charges dependent upon exact circumstances thereof given also provided latter located more than 500 miles distant from nearest Manufacturing/Distribution hubs respective site located address as defined via promptly supplied handoff literatutre demonstrating diagrammatical /directive protocol handling recommendations involving best practice advice alongside implementation typologies derived from detailed directive takeaways being explicitly itemized hereinunder thereinbelow pursuant thereto provided also another optimal installaton cost estimation alongwith all related activities as found documented near end regard correspondingly resultant charted job descriptions composed visàvis ensuing full cartesian coverage approach therewithin included freely per item noted being incorporated materially under next subseqeunt heading utilized generally again aas effective basis outlined specific mission update statement combined corelatedly surface said particular listed assignment herebelow quoted until unless reevaluated otherwise likewise amended adjusted appropriately successfuly timely thereafter thereafter submitted priorly aforementioned thereinabove due date warranted accordingly 4

Top 5 Facts About Working with Summit Truck Group in Little Rock, Arkansas

1. Summit Truck Group of Little Rock, Arkansas is a trusted name in the commercial truck industry. Founded in 1975, it has grown to be the largest commercial truck dealership in the state, serving customers throughout Arkansas and beyond. As a family owned business, Summit Truck Group maintains a commitment to providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction that you can count on.

2. As an employee of Summit Truck Group in Little Rock, you’ll have access to an extensive inventory of new and used vehicles from leading brands like International, Kenworth, Freightliner and Ford. Whether you’re looking for a heavy duty hauler or just a light pickup for yard work, you’ll find what you need right here!

3. You can also work with the friendly staff at Summit Truck for any repairs and maintenance needs your vehicle might have. From brakes to air conditioning repair to regular oil changes and more – we offer complete car care services so your vehicle always looks its best!

4. Another great perk of working with Summit Truck Group is their generous rewards program –the MySummit Rewards program! With this loyalty program, members earn points each time they make a purchase or use certain services – then redeem them for exclusive discounts on fuel purchases or select repair services! Plus all members receive an extra discount code each month just for being part of the program. It’s a great way to save money while taking care of your car!

5. If finding the right financing option is worrying you when it comes time to get your vehicle serviced or purchase parts then don’t worry; Summit Truck will take care of that too! They have numerous financing options available through nationwide lenders that fit nearly every budget– so if getting financing has been holding you back from making needed repairs consider letting one of our professional sales reps help today!

Conclusion: Making the Decision on Whether or Not to Work with Summit Truck Group

When it comes to deciding whether or not to work with Summit Truck Group, there are a few key considerations that need to be taken into account. First and foremost is the company’s track record for customer service. This includes their willingness to provide assistance with difficult situations and offer solutions, as well as their responsiveness in addressing any concerns that customers may have. Additionally, their pricing structure should be taken into consideration versus other providers in the industry as this could make all the difference; opting for a provider that provides cost-effective services could help save on expenses in the long run.

Second, researching their trucks and selection of parts should also be considered; since this is what will ultimately determine how successful your trucking operations are, having access to quality products can mean the different between smooth delivery runs and costly breakdowns along the way. Lastly, doing some investigation into their warranty coverage and maintenance programs might help give further insight into how reliable they really are when it comes down to delivering results.

Ultimately these factors contribute heavily towards your decision-making process when it comes down to working with Summit Truck Group. Doing proper research ahead of time can go a long way towards making sure you’re getting great value for your investment while still providing top-notch performance – allowing you to fully reap the benefits of using Summit’s team of experts!