Rock Out with These Metal Music Ringtones: The Ultimate Guide


The step by step guide to creating your own metal music ringtones

Are you a metalhead looking to spice up your phone’s ringtone game? Well, look no further! Creating your own metal ringtones is easier than you think. Here’s a step by step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Choose Your Song
The first step in creating your own metal ringtone is choosing the right song. Select a song that has an epic instrumental section or an iconic guitar riff that can be easily recognized as soon as it starts playing. Be sure to choose a song with clear and distinct sections, so that you can easily edit out other parts and focus on the part of the track that you want to use for your ringtone.

Step 2: Download an Audio Editor
Once you have selected your song, download an audio editor like Audacity or Adobe Audition if you don’t already have one installed on your computer.

Step 3: Import Your Song Into The Audio Editor
After installing the audio editor, import the selected track into the program. You can do this by either selecting “File” at the top left corner of the window and clicking on “Open”, or by dragging and dropping the file directly into Audacity’s interface.

Step 4: Highlight The Section You Want To Use
Here comes the fun part! Highlight just the section of music that you want to use as your ringtone. To do this, simply hover over various waveforms of each part of your music where their beats are more distinct than others, then click and drag until you’ve selected only that wanted section.

Step 5: Edit And Create
Now it’s time to edit and create. Once you have highlighted only the part of music that will serve as your ringtone, select “Edit” from top menu bar option in Audacity then “Copy”, now click back again on top bar menu option “File” ,than select “New” which will open a new empty project. Select “Track” from top bar menu and then click on “Stereo Track”. Finally, press CTRL+V to paste your selected section into the new project.

Step 6: Save Your Ringtone
Before you save your ringtone, make sure to play it once through just to be sure that you’re happy with how it sounds. If everything sounds good to go, then proceed to save your new masterpiece as an MP3 file which makes it easy for anyone using smartphones to set music as their ringtone.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a personalized metal ringtone! It’s time to add some headbanging action and rock out each time someone calls you.

FAQ: Everything you need to know about metal music ringtones

Are you a die-hard metal music fan who wants to show their love for the genre through their ringtone? Look no further than metal music ringtones! In this comprehensive FAQ, we will answer everything you need to know about metal music ringtones.

Q: What exactly are metal music ringtones?
A: Metal music ringtones are audio files that can be downloaded and set as your phone’s ringtone. They feature popular songs from various sub-genres of heavy metal, including thrash, death, black, power, and many more.

Q: Where can I find metal music ringtones?
A: There are several websites and apps available that offer a vast selection of metal music ringtones. Some of the most popular options include Zedge, Myxer, and Mobile9. You can also purchase them from iTunes or other online stores.

Q: How do I download and set my metal music ringtone?
A: The process may vary depending on your phone’s make and model. However, generally speaking, you can download the ringtone file from your preferred site or app onto your phone. Once downloaded, go to “Settings” then “Sounds,” choose “Ringtone” then select the new file.

Q: Are there any legal issues I should consider when downloading metal music ringtones?
A: Yes! It is essential to always use reputable sites when downloading copyrighted materials such as songs. Additionally, some artists may not allow the use of their material as a ringtone due to licensing restrictions.

Q: Can I customize my own ringtone using my favorite metal song?
A: Yes! Many apps allow you to create custom ringtones by uploading an audio file or even recording sounds directly from your device.

Q: Are there any alternatives if I cannot find my favorite band‘s official ringtone?
A: If an official band-sanctioned version is not available; cover bands or tribute bands may have released a version you could use. Alternatively, there are some apps and websites that offer metal music ringtone remixes that use samples from the desired band.

Q: Can I set different ringtones for different contacts?
A: Yes! Most smartphones allow you to customize ringtones for different contacts. For example, you can set your significant other’s ringtone as a romantic power ballad and your boss’s tone as an instrumental shred solo.

In conclusion, metal music ringtones let you showcase your love for heavy metal in a unique way. With several options to find or create the perfect ringtone, it is now easier than ever to headbang every time your phone rings!

Top 5 facts about metal music ringtones that you may not know

Metal music lovers are known to be a passionate bunch with an unquenched thirst for heavy beats, screeching guitar solos, and thundering basslines. And what better way to showcase your love for metal music than having it as your ringtone? Metal ringtones have been around for decades now, but there’s still so much that we don’t know about them. In this blog post, we will share the top five facts you may not know about metal music ringtones.

1. Metal Ringtones Were Once Illegal

Did you know that in the early 2000s, metal ringtones were illegal in some countries? That’s right! Countries like Germany and Sweden had laws against using copyrighted material as a ringtone. As a result, metalheads had to rely on unofficial means of getting their favorite tracks as ringtones. However, musician societies in these countries have since relaxed their stance on this issue.

2. Metal Ringtones Boost Your Confidence

According to a study conducted by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications (SEMC), listening to your favorite song can make you feel more confident and powerful when answering your phone. This holds true even with metal music ringtones – which may give you an extra adrenaline rush before taking a call from someone important!

3. There Are Websites Dedicated To Metal Ringtones

Today, there are several websites solely committed to offering free or paid access to thousands of metal ringtones from different sub-genres; from the classic Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden tunes all the way up to modern-day artists such as Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold.

4. Heavy Metal Music Can Actually Help You Cope With Stressful Situations

More often than not, heavy metal lyrics address tough topics like mental health issues or societal problems head-on—making it easy for individuals who also identify with these struggles to connect even more deeply with the music. Therefore by having metal music as your ringtone, it could act as a source of strength and resilience whenever you are in a stressful situation.

5. Metal Ringtones Don’t Have To Be Loud

Contrary to popular belief, metal ringtones don’t have to be loud, overbearing or chaotic all the time. Instead, subtle instrumentals such as acoustic ballads can still inspire awe and admiration among fans. Some even like their favorite song’s softer intro/buildup to play instead of the chorus blast beat!

Metal music ringtones come in different flavors and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves everything they represent; rebellion, defiance, passion and individualism. By now you know that these ringtones have an exciting history with an evolving premise—and one that isn’t ready to die out anytime soon! So whether you’re into classic or modern-day metal music—go ahead and choose your favorite tune for your next ringtone!

Best websites for downloading and customizing metal music ringtones

Metal music ringtones are the latest trend in the world of mobile technology. With metal music being one of the most prevalent genres across the world, there is no denying that customizing your phone’s ringtone with your favorite metal tracks has become a must-do for every true metalhead out there. However, finding websites to download and customize metal music ringtones isn’t exactly easy, especially if you’re not aware of where to look.

Thankfully, we’ve done all the legwork for you and compiled a list of some of the best websites for downloading and customizing metal music ringtones. So, let’s dive into our top picks!

Zedge is undoubtedly one of the most popular websites you can visit to download authentic and customizable metal music ringtones. From Metallica to Slayer or Judas Priest to Iron Maiden – this site has got it all! The interface is user-friendly and extremely easy-to-use.

Mobile9 has been in service since 2003, providing high-quality mobile content including wallpapers and tonal customization options specifically tailored for heavy metal fans worldwide. This site offers multiple customization options from creating unique mashup tunes using different audio tracks.

Looking for something a little more personalized? MyTinyPhone allows for audio upload capabilities so that users can make their own recordings or upload official songs directly from their devices! No external software needed!

Another excellent website to access thousands of classic tunes by rock legends such as Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath – this site additionally comes with advanced features like fade in/out times between verses and chorus sections or using equalizers allowing more customization control.

From classic Hair / Glam rockers like Van Halen/Kiss/Whitesnake, through Thrash/Death core alternatives like Cannibal Corpse/Suicide Silence or even Post-Rock wizards such as Mogwai, there is an array of huge artist catalogs and genres to choose from. Customizing your ringtones affords fans something that they love while holding their identity in a world where anyone’s mobile signature – speaks volumes about who they are! – like punk rockers, metalheads want some diversity with what’s “mainstream,” thereby making alternative routes to explore quite interesting. So get downloading and customizing those hardcore ringtones today!

Tips for choosing the perfect metal song for your ringtone

Are you tired of the same old generic ringtones that everyone seems to have? Do you want to stand out from the crowd and make a bold statement about your musical taste every time your phone rings? Look no further than metal music.

Metal is the perfect genre for a ringtone because it is inherently attention-grabbing, diverse, and has iconic guitar riffs and intense drum beats. But choosing the right metal song for your ringtone can be a daunting task – here are some tips to help you find the perfect fit:

1. Consider tempo

The tempo of a metal song is crucial when choosing it as a ringtone. You don’t want something too fast-paced that will overwhelm you every time your phone rings, but at the same time, something slow and mellow may not capture the attention of those around you. Aim for mid-tempo or slightly faster tracks to strike the perfect balance.

2. Choose an iconic intro

Think about memorable intros in classic metal hits like “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath or “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC – they grab your attention immediately and leave no doubt as to what song it is. When selecting a metal song for your ringtone, try to choose one with an equally unforgettable opening riff or drum intro so that people know exactly who’s calling before you even answer.

3. Pick lyrics wisely

Some metal bands lean towards darker themes or contain profane language in their lyrics which may not be ideal for all situations (office meetings, anyone?). Be mindful when selecting a song with lyrics; if there are any offensive words or themes present in them choose something else instead.

4. Stay true to yourself

Above all – chose something authentic to yourself! You surely wouldn’t want having someone mistake The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” ringing on your phone just because it happens to vibe well with that public restroom ambiance lighting!

In conclusion – picking the right metal song for your ringtone takes some careful consideration, but a little bit of thought and patience can result in the perfect addition to your phone’s audio arsenal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different tracks until you find the perfect fit – when that epic intro starts blaring from your pocket or purse, you’ll know it was worth the effort. Rock on!

Metallica or Slayer? Choosing the best band for a metal music ringtone

Metal music has been one of the most popular and influential genres in the history of modern music, and it’s no surprise that metal bands such as Metallica and Slayer have become cultural icons for their sound. Both bands are celebrated for their amazing guitar riffs, thundering drums, driving basslines, and vocals that can make your hairs stand on end.

Now let’s say you’re a hardcore metalhead looking to set up the perfect ringtone for your phone. It’s only natural to debate between whether you want a Metallica or Slayer song as your ringtone. But which band should you choose? Let us break down what makes each band so special to help make this decision easier.


Formed in Los Angeles in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield, Metallica quickly rose to prominence with their thrash-metal sound. Known for their technical prowess and intricate rhythms, Metallica produced hit after hit throughout the 80s and early 90s like “Master of Puppets” and “Enter Sandman.”

What sets Metallica apart is not only their hard-hitting songs but also their ability to tell stories through meticulously crafted lyrics – something that is apparent in hits like “One” which tells a harrowing tale of a soldier who loses all his limbs in combat. Their signature style of blending heavy riffs with melodic interludes has made them one of the most successful heavy metal acts ever.


Hailing from Huntington Park, California, Slayer was formed in 1981 by guitarist Kerry King and drummer Dave Lombardo. Along with bands like Megadeth and Anthrax, they pioneered the thrash metal genre during the early days of heavy metal.

Known for their lightning-fast guitar work accompanied by vicious lyrics about death, horror movies, war infernos – Slayer hits all right notes when it comes to creating an atmosphere that grabs the listener’s attention. Their dark and brutal sound has made them a favorite among extreme metal fans, with songs like “Raining Blood” and “Angel of Death,” known for being amongst the most iconic heavy metal anthems ever created.

So, which band is best for your ringtone?

If you want to strike fear into the hearts of those around you when your phone rings, Slayer may be the way to go. With their intense and aggressive thrash-metal sound that feels like it’s coming straight out Hell’s core, Slayer is simply unbeatable on this front.

However, if you prefer your ringtones with a little more melody and storytelling, Metallica might just be what fits the bill. They have an uncanny ability to produce songs that stick in your head long after they end – even if they are about rather gruesome topics.

Ultimately though,it really comes down to personal preference. While both bands can provide excellent options for heavy-metal enthusiasts who want something exciting every time their phones ring, whether it be Slayer or Metallica!

In conclusion

No matter which band you choose as your ringtone staple – Metallica or Slayer – one thing won’t change; They are both legends in their craft that have defined an era of music throughout history. Whichever band speaks to your soul more will ultimately reign supreme over your phone ringtones. Nevertheless, they both deliver the kind of crushing intensity required by true metalheads everywhere!