Rock Your World: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Metal Music of 2013 [Expert Recommendations and Stats]


Short answer: The best metal music of 2013 includes releases from bands such as Carcass, Black Sabbath, Deafheaven, and Amon Amarth. These albums showcased the variety and innovation of the genre with their fusion of different styles and themes.

How to Identify the Best Metal Music of 2013: Expert Tips and Tricks

1. Check Out Music Charts and Reviews

One good way to start is by browsing through different music charts or websites such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, MetalSucks etc., which compile the most popular albums and songs within a particular genre or region. These sites also offer in-depth reviews of each album or song where they highlight the best tracks along with critiques.

2. Explore Different Sub-genres

Metal music is quite diverse in nature with several sub-genres; it might be worth exploring each one of them to find what speaks to you most. Whether it’s black metal, death metal, power metal or thrash metal etc.. Each sub-genre offers unique styles and flavors that create their distinct sound.

3. Follow Your Favorite Bands on Social Media

Following your favorite bands on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook can give you insight into their latest releases or upcoming tours. Most artists usually tease new material before its officially announced so that fans can have a sneak peek even before it’s out.

4. Join Online Fan Communities

Communities like Reddit have specialized forums dedicated to every type of music genre where people come together and discuss their favorite artists’ works along with sharing new discoveries in real-time.

5. Use Streaming Services for Easy Access

Streaming services such as Spotify offer multiple playlists specifically tailored towards different genres including Metal Music! These platforms also provide algorithms that categorize similar songs into playlists providing endless listening options without searching too hard.


Ultimately there’s no surefire way to determine what constitutes “best” music; What’s great for one person may not necessarily hold up for other listeners – after all but following these tips will help you in identifying the cream of the crop within metal music. With research, exploration and a bit of luck, you’re sure to find your favorite tracks and metal albums that will stick with you for years to come!

Step by Step Guide: How to Curate Your Own Best Metal Music Playlist for 2013

Are you ready to rock out in 2013 with the best metal music playlist? Well, look no further! This step-by-step guide will show you how to curate your own personalized metal playlist that will have you headbanging all year long.

Step 1: Define Your Taste

Metal is a massive genre with countless sub-genres, each catering to a unique sound and style. To get started with creating your ultimate playlist, it’s crucial first to define your taste. Do you prefer black metal or power metal? Or maybe you’re more of a doom or thrash kind of person? Once you identify your preferred sub-genres, it’ll be easier to curate a list of songs that resonate with you.

Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Bands

Now that you’ve got an idea of what type of metal speaks to your soul, it’s time to pick your favorite bands. Whether it’s Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden or Slipknot, choose the bands that never disappoint and always deliver head-banging-worthy jams.

Step 3: Select Your Favorite Tracks

Once you’ve identified the bands that make up the core of your playlist; it’s now time to select the best tracks from each artist. Choose songs whose lyrics and melody speak directly to your heart, evoke powerful emotions and make for the perfect headbanging session.

Step 4: Add in New Discoveries

Even if your favorite bands are tried-and-true classics – be open-minded enough also; incorporating new discoveries into your list. Explore new talents in emerging artists within similar genres where established artists can add variety and bring depth into their soundscape.

Step Five: Arrange Your Playlist Like A Pro

The final step involves arranging all these incredible songs for optimal listening pleasure without abruptly damaging momentum levels. Start off by placing some badass anthems at the top of the playlist – fast-paced killer tunes meant for air guitar sessions. Go on to incorporate some diverse tracks that offer a contrast – slow, epic soundscape tracks followed up with an acoustic ballad. Round it all off with a few intense and aggressive songs at the end of the list; perfect for letting it all out in a mosh session.

In Conclusion

Creating your own best metal music playlist is about curating personal experiences and streamlining them into sonic triggers. This guide should aid you in creating your personalized mixtape perfectly tailored to your musical preferences for 2013. So let’s get ready to rock; That’s the spirit!

FAQs About the Best Metal Music of 2013: Answering Your Burning Questions

Metal music has always been a genre that continues to evolve and push boundaries with new sounds and styles emerging every year. In 2013, metal music had some standout moments that left many fans eagerly looking forward to the next releases in the following year. Now, several years have passed since then, but we still get questions from fans who want to know more about what happened in 2013 in the metal scene. Here are some answers to your burning questions regarding the best metal music of 2013:

What Were Some of the Best Metal Albums Released in 2013?

One standout album that made waves in 2013 was ‘Hail To The King’ by Avenged Sevenfold. It marked a departure from their usual heavier sound with more emphasis on melody and songwriting. Other notable albums released during that period include ‘The Parallax II: Future Sequence’ by Between The Buried And Me – an epic concept album blending intricate musicianship with poignant lyrics – as well as ‘Bloodstones & Diamonds’ by Machine Head – another bodacious riff-filled record.

Who Were Some of the New Bands That Emerged During This Period?

In retrospect, several bands emerged out of nowhere and gained attention for their unique sounds like Deafheaven, a band known for combining black metal vocals with shoegaze sensibilities; Sólstafir, an Icelandic band known for infusing folk elements into their post-rock/metal music; or French alternative group Alcest who fused black metal with ethereal dream pop harmonies.

Did Any Genre-Defining Moments Take Place During That Time?

Absolutely! One such moment was the reemergence of Progressive Metal into popularity within mainstream circles.

We saw thrash legends Dream Theater stepping it up a notch when they released their self-titled twelfth studio album which marked a return to their earlier roots while incorporating newer styles too.

Let’s not forget about the creation of a genre mash-up that defined metalcore with djent, leading towards the rise of bands like Periphery and TesseracT who incorporate elements of both genres.

Were There Any Iconic Live Performances in 2013?

It’s tough to pick just one because so much happened across different parts of the world. For starters, Iron Maiden embarked on an epic tour that saw them playing to over two million fans worldwide with their mammoth “Maiden England” show that covered all their classic hits as well as deep cuts. Additionally, Lamb Of God played a headlining performance at Bloodstock Open Air festival for the first time ever debuting tracks from their then recently released seventh studio album “Resolution”.

What Was The Overall Trend in Metal Music During This Time?

Looking back at some of the releases from 2013, it’s clear that there was an overall push towards heavier riffs and more technical musicianship. However, we also saw bands experimenting even more with various different styles – leaving us with innovative music that continues to influence modern metal up until today.

In conclusion, 2013 was truly a great year for metal music with many milestones reached within the genre community. From new bands emerging to established acts perfecting their sound further, there was something unforgettable for everyone’s liking. Whether you were present during those days or now discovering this period years later, there is no denying its relevance and lasting impact on today’s musical landscape.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Best Metal Music Released in 2013

As we bid adieu to 2013, let us take a moment to appreciate some of the best metal music that graced our ears throughout the year. From hardcore to death metal, black metal to symphonic metal- there was something for every kind of metalhead in 2013. Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about the best metal music released this past year:

1. Death Metal Reigns Supreme

It’s safe to say that death metal had a new ruler in 2013: Carcass. The British band released its first album in over a decade, “Surgical Steel,” which quickly became one of the most well-received death metal albums in recent times. The album was praised by both critics and fans alike for its impressive musicianship, meaty riffs and impeccable songwriting.

2. Black Metal Gets Experimental

While bands like Behemoth, Darkthrone and Watain continued releasing their usual dark and brooding sound, other black metal acts experimented with incorporating elements from other genres like post-punk (Deafheaven’s “Sunbather”), folk (Agalloch’s “The Serpent & The Sphere”) and even disco (Kvelertak’s “Meir”). These experiments proved successful as all three records received critical acclaim and attracted new audiences previously unfamiliar with black metal.

3. Progressive Metal Makes Waves

Prog-metal veterans Dream Theater returned with their twelfth studio album this year titled “Dream Theater”. While it might not have been as groundbreaking as their earlier works, it certainly showcased their instrumental virtuosity and affirmed their prowess as one of the greatest progressive rock/metal acts of all time.

4. Symphonic Metal Goes Epic

Thriving on bombast orchestrations accompanied by intricate guitar work has been symphonic metallers’ forte since long now but this year it took an irresistible epic turn as we saw two of the biggest names in the genre- Within Temptation and Nightwish release their albums “Hydra” and “Imaginaerum-Live”. The former embraced more electronic elements, while the latter was a sprawling epic set recorded during its 2012 tour.

5. The Rise of Hardcore

Ironically considered punk’s angrier, louder cousin, hardcore metal became increasingly popular this year with releases from Code Orange Kids’ “Love is Love/Return to Dust” and Twitching Tongues’ “In Love There Is No Law.” These bands refused to be restricted by typical genre conventions of breakdowns and start-stop riffs, pushing their boundaries with unexpected time changes, crushing hooks, and at times embracing female vocalists which added new dynamics attached to an already intense sound.

Let’s hope that 2014 brings even more exciting releases for the metal scene!

Breaking Down the Genres: Which Sub-Genres Dominated the Best Metal Music Scene in 2013?

As we bid farewell to another year and enter the new year with hopes and expectations, let’s take a look back at the grandest genre of music – Metal. Undoubtedly, metal has been one of the most influential and powerful music genres in history. Its origins can be traced back to the late 60s and early 70s and since then, it has undergone several evolutions resulting in different subgenres.

Metal music is known for its loud, heavy guitar riffs, screaming vocals, fast-paced drumming, and overall aggressiveness. With time metalheads have embraced alternate forms of metal spilling into various sub-genres which have added colors to their musical journey. Whether you like lighter rock-metal fusion or deathcore or blackened symphonic power metal, there is something for every kind of metalhead out there.

As we put up with our vigilance gear towards musical supremacy that prevailed last year; tons of releases saw daylight from epic supergroups like Bloodbath’s classic deathmetal explosion ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’, Ghost announcing they’re “haunting” pop-metal style with their latest release ‘Prequelle’, At The Gates’ deadly comeback album ‘To Drink From The Night Itself’. While some other great albums hit international charts Sonne Adam’s debut album ‘Messengers Of Desolate Ways’, Spectral Voice dominates this list with two ethereal oeuvres titled ‘Eroded Corridors Of Unbeing’ & ‘A Thorn In The Flesh’.

Within these subcultures lie those which decided to reign over 2013 by breaking into the mainstream hard- earned through powerful hooks on radio waves or streaming platforms rather than buzz driven hailstorms from social media tags. One such band that truly shines in this aspect would be Bring Me The Horizon who crumbled norms while preparing chart-topping anthems everyone must listen get immersed in if you haven’t yet. Their album ‘Sempiternal’ featured stunning tracks such as “Can You Feel My Heart,” “Sleepwalking” and “Shadow Moses.”

The Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor’s Spinal Tap-like teen spoof ‘Getting Hard’, while unapologetically rolling out one of the all-time top metal albums in ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’. This LP is a memorable chaos on its own adding more accolades to the already highly praised body of the Slipknot work.

Melodic death metal quartet Amon Amarth’s concept album ‘Deceiver Of The Gods’, successfully conveyed their “vikingesque” theme into an amazing ride for every listener! The Swedish band crossbred Nordic Mythology with breathtaking and concise melodic extreme-metal, resulting in one of their best works till date.

While still dwelling upon part of last year’s strongest musical statements – Avenged Sevenfold paying tribute to their diurnal legends R.I.P James Sullivan, gave us a remarkable and heartfelt farewell note, titled ‘Hail To The King’ that held punchy specks galore, drawing on classic metal melodies reminding everyone how strong this band truly is.

Ultimately talking about revolutionizing a particular sub-genre; Extreme Math rock bands have been growing tremendously in popularity in recent years. Now Cattle Decapitation is far from being newcomers to heavy music at large and have been staples of the extreme/math edge of grindcore for almost twenty years now but 2013 saw them spread their wings with Monolith Of Inhumanity which blends intricate song structures with musicianship rarely seen among even other grind peers.

Concluding after highlighting these above-mentioned monumental releases by some globally acclaimed blacksmiths whose invincible craft has overpowered all the so-called genres kindled within this colossal arena we call Metal Music – It’s quite apparent that each sub-genre has something unique, exceptional to offer. But no matter how far apart they seem, the common thread that connects them all is their intrinsic love for heavy music. Metal will continue to evolve, and its influence on popular music culture will forever be felt.

And lastly, as you must have picked after getting knee-deep in this piece, if it sounds good to your ears and makes you go excited no matter what genre labels come with it – It’s just downright metal!

Metal Legends vs Newcomers: Who Dominated the Best Metal Music Charts in 2013?

As we bid farewell to 2013, it’s time to reflect upon the year that has passed us by. For metalheads, 2013 saw some incredible releases from both old-school legends and new wave newcomers. But who dominated the best metal music charts in 2013? Let’s take a closer look.

On one side of the ring, we have the old-school heavyweights who have been around for decades and have earned their place in metal history. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Slayer continued to release top-notch albums in 2013 that not only satisfied long-time fans but also brought new converts into their fold. Black Sabbath’s ’13’ album marked the first studio album with frontman Ozzy Osbourne since 1978 and delivered nothing short of classic heavy metal riffs which had fans lapping up every bit. Iron Maiden released their sixteenth studio album ‘The Final Frontier’, which showcased how they continue to reinvent themselves while retaining their signature sound that their fanbase heads bang to even today!

And on the other side of this epic battle are newer bands who have been making waves in recent years with their fresh sounds and ideas. Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger Death Punch, Lamb of God were among some names that went head-to-head with these legendary acts in 2013 with highly anticipated releases such as ‘Hail To The King’, ‘The Wrong Side Of Heaven & The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1’, and ‘Resolution’. These bands blended influences from various subgenres within metal yet still delivered a sound so refreshing that it made headlines! Take for instance – Trivium’s sixth studio offering titled “Vengeance Falls”, matched with intense adrenaline-filled songs showcasing both bands matured compositions while keeping them maniacal at heart.

Apart from individual band achievements like Meshuggah’s Koloss and Testament’s Dark Roots Of Earth, supergroups like Them Crooked Vultures became a hit with their eponymous release in 2009, and now years later, proudly brought progressive-rock credentials back to metal with their self-titled debut. The up-and-coming bands challenge the status quo and push boundaries – this is why it’s so challenging to crown one clear winner.

At the end of the day, metalheads can agree that we were spoiled for choice in 2013 with incredible releases from both classic acts and new-blood contenders. It’s safe to say that both sides put on an impressive performance and proved themselves to still be relevant and influential within the genre. It remains a difficult question as declaring either side victorious would seem like denying the brilliance of some fantastic music released over the past eight years! But perhaps it’s not about dominance but rather about this vibrant genre that remained undefeated – Metal!

Table with useful data:

Rank Band Album
1 Carcass Surgical Steel
2 Black Sabbath 13
3 Kvelertak Meir
4 Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
5 Helloween Straight Out of Hell

Information from an Expert: Best Metal Music of 2013

As a metal aficionado, I can confidently say that 2013 was an incredible year for the genre. From veterans like Black Sabbath and Megadeth releasing fantastic albums to newer bands like Deafheaven and Ghost B.C. pushing the boundaries of what metal could be, there was something for everyone. Some of my personal favorites include Carcass’ “Surgical Steel,” Clutch’s “Earth Rocker,” and Kvelertak’s self-titled album. Each one showcases the raw talent, innovation, and energy that make metal such a thrilling genre to listen to. Overall, 2013 was a year that fans will look back on fondly for years to come.

Historical fact:

In 2013, Slayer’s album “Repentless” topped the charts as the best metal album of the year, cementing their place as one of the most influential and enduring bands in metal history.