Rock Your World with New Music 2015: A Metalhead’s Guide to Discovering the Latest and Greatest [Featuring Stats and Tips]


Short answer new music 2015 metal:

Metal in 2015 saw many successful releases from established bands, such as Iron Maiden’s “The Book of Souls,” as well as breakthrough records like Ghost’s “Meliora.” Newcomers like Tribulation and Horrendous also gained attention, showcasing the genre’s ongoing evolution.

How to Find the Best New Music in the Metal Scene for 2015

As a metalhead, finding the best new music in the metal scene for 2015 can be an overwhelming task. With so many bands and subgenres to choose from, it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. But fear not, fellow metal enthusiasts, for we have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to discover the cream of the crop in this year’s metal scene.

Firstly, make use of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on upcoming shows and events in your local area. Attend as many gigs as possible; you never know which unknown band might surprise you with their talent. Additionally, consider following well-curated Spotify playlists or YouTube channels that feature the latest releases from established artists while also introducing new music from up-and-coming bands.

Moreover, one should keep an open mind when exploring different sub-genres within the metal scene. Don’t limit yourself to only listening to your favorite type of metal; instead, branch out to discover other types of metal genres you may have overlooked before. For example other types like Thrash Metal,Crossover thrash or Deathcore.

Another key method for discovering new artists is reading reviews by trusted critics and bloggers.The likes of Decibel magazine and Metal Injection are known for publishing honest opinions about new releases from both underground and well-known bands alike. Sites like Angry Metal Guy offer great critiques that reveal insightful thoughts about current trends in the genre.

Furthermore, don’t forget about local record stores or independent record shops around town – they often sell albums by low-key groups that simply haven’t gained much online recognition yet due to lack of exposure via streaming services. This will not only enable folks find fresh-sounding stuffbut also support these smaller businesses at a economically challenging time for all..

Lastly , make sure you get involved with online forums or local group pages where people discuss their favourite bands; this is where valuable information can arise about hidden gems and emerging talents in the genre. Engage in discussions and debates about new releases, related genres or band controversies in order to keep your musical palate wide open.

In conclusion ,seeking out music is a matter of commitment .It requires effort both online and offline but it always pays off. Utilize social media feeds, attend concerts when possible, discover bands via trusted metal publications/websites, expand your horizons by sampling different sub-genres and don’t forget the local record stores.. Lastly, if you’re really passionate,e njoy sharing opinions with other music lovers on forums or group pages.In essence,it’s all about tapping into the incredible sonic world that metal has to offer – one riff at a time!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Own New Music 2015 Metal Playlist

Music is an art form that has been around for centuries and can be interpreted in many different ways. Metal music, in particular, has a distinct sound and energy that fans love. If you’re someone who wants to create your own 2015 metal playlist but don’t know where to start, this step-by-step guide will help you fine-tune your song choices and create a killer playlist.

Step 1: Determine Your Theme

The first thing you need to decide when creating a new playlist is the theme. Are you looking for heavy metal tracks with plenty of screaming vocals and intense double bass drumming? Or do you prefer more melodic songs with clean vocals? Maybe, you want something epic or songs that convey themes of rebellion or feeling trapped.

Once you have determined your theme, it will be easier for you to curate related songs based on tone, instrumentation, lyrics and atmosphere.

Step 2: Research New Music

Researching is essential when selecting which tracks will make the final cut of your playlist. You don’t want to fill it with playsafe tunes or recycle old hits from past years. Be adventurous; seek out fresh bands that emerged post-2010s through various online resources such as Spotify’s ‘Discover Weekly’, Pandora’s radio stations catering to various genres including metal and their rich underground playlists for unsigned metal acts emerging from all over the world.

There are also several genre vlogs available on YouTube that can provide insight into emerging trends in the music industry while offering suggestions on relevant niche channels brimming with obscure gems.

Make sure to cross-check each band/artist’s popularity across multiple platforms too before making any final selections as one-hit-wonder-kinda-bands are not preferable despite being catchy.

Step 3: Variety Is Key

When crafting a successful playlist variety is key. Avoid using similar sounding songs consecutively. Set up an arrangement where each track works smoothly after another via smooth accents or a change of pace.

If the previous track was mostly heavy with growling vocals, go for a break by including a song that incorporates clean singing and acoustic elements. Then follow up with something unexpected such as black metal. Experimentation is advisable while maintaining sonic balance.

Step 4: Add the Classics

Adding classic songs to your playlist is essential as it provides new listeners a good understanding of how metal evolved over time. Classic tracks should blend with the theme and sound of modern tracks available on the net but from bands that were once pioneers in their heydays. Example:

Metallica – Blackened,
Slayer – Angel of Death,
Judas Priest – Painkiller

Step 5: Mix It Up!

Ultimately your playlist is an expression of your creativity, so masterfully arrange it to suit your preferences without boring listeners outta their wits! Blend several sub-genres without confining yourself strictly towards one scene including black metal, thrash, death, groove or melodic death-metal.

The more you listen to different styles within a particular sub-category, the more likely you will develop an ear for what sounds best together. Don’t be afraid to mix slower tracks with faster ones if they contribute to creating a unique musical experience.

Step 6: Final Touches

Finally, consider re-sequencing the list at least twice before calling it final. Shuffle tunes around again making sure every transition will be seamless and highlight each other’s power and intensity well through sound harmonization (for example growly-deep tones building up over time)

Also, remember; playlists aren’t just about sounds – create great moods too! Try working on custom cover art based on your music choice and brand name for social media platforms such as Facebook groups or Instagram fandom!


Creating a ‘Metal’ playlist may seem daunting at first but following these Six steps can save you hours from trial & error while helping you craft a selection that’s both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally satisfying.

In summary, take time in researching, experiment with sub-genres, diverse transitions, and take great care in sequencing each song’s position carefully to heighten the experience – ultimately your playlist should conjure an atmosphere of sonic experimentation through fresh new music available for others to enjoy alongside you!

FAQs About the Top New Music 2015 Metal Artists and Albums

Are you a fan of metal music and always on the lookout for the latest and greatest artists and albums? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the top new music 2015 metal artists and albums that will satisfy your cravings for ear-shattering riffs, guttural screams, and dynamic energy.

1. Slayer – Repentless

Slayer needs no introduction to any hardcore metalhead. Their newest album, Repentless, is their first without founding member Jeff Hanneman who passed away in 2013. But fear not, Gary Holt (Exodus) steps in to fill his shoes seamlessly. The album features classic Slayer thrashers with blistering guitar solos and Tom Araya’s unmistakable vocals.

2. Lamb of God – VII: Sturm und Drang

Following frontman Randy Blythe’s acquittal from manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic after a tragic concert incident, lamb of god has released one of their most intense and personal works yet in VII: Sturm und Drang. This album shows off their technical prowess with brutal breakdowns and powerful choruses that will pump you up until you are ready to take on anything.

3. Faith No More – Sol Invictus

Faith No More has reunited after 18 years with Sol Invictus. Their unique blend of alternative rock with heavy metal elements create something wholly original; at times it almost feels like you’re listening more to jazz than rock or heavy metal but it’s all still there loud & proud.

4. Periphery – Juggernaut: Alpha / Omega

Periphery make complex progressive-heavy rock sound easy on Juggernaut: Alpha / Omega, showcasing masterful guitar soloing skills paired along beautifully harmonized singing that proves why they are one of today’s best heavy bands.

5. Ghost – Meliora

Sweden’s Ghost continues to garner attention with each passing year due to their warped blend of heavy metal, psychedelic rock, and classic rock. Meliora sees the band refining their sound with cleaner production values, while maintaining their signature creepy image.

Now that you have some potential albums to add to your playlist, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help you navigate this exciting new era in metal music.

Q: What makes these bands stand out from other metal bands?

A: They each bring something special and unique to the table. Slayer has been in the game for over 30 years, consistently delivering hard-hitting thrash riffs that never get old. Lamb of God brings energy and intensity to every track they produce. Faith No More is known for their amazing musical versatility – seamlessly combining different genres into their style. Periphery showcases complex instrumentation with blistering guitar solos that stretch across what would normally be three songs in one while Ghost has created an unparalleled atmosphere that draws listeners in immediately.

Q: Is there anything different about their latest albums compared to past works?

A: Yes! Each of these new albums features something different and fresh from previous releases. Slayer’s Repentless showcases Gary Holt’s killer guitar work, which adds a new dimension to the band’s sound after Jeff Hanneman’s passing. Lamb of God’s VII: Sturm und Drang showcases Randy Blythe’s personal struggles within his lyrics more than ever before. Faith No More’s Sol Invictus presents Mark Patton being front-and-center as a producer as well as keyboardist on various tracks among many differences from earlier works by them.. Periphery ventures boldly into much heavier territories with Juggernaut: Alpha / Omega giving fans wanting more heavy-guitar riffage exactly what they need while Ghost manages to succeed at building upon themselves and developing a clearer sound applying sharper production value on Meliora.

Q: Are these artists on tour? If so, where can I see them?

A: Yes! Slayer and Lamb of God have embarked on their co-headlining tour with additional acts to fill the bill. Faith No More and Ghost have also been on separate tours of their own, expanding popular sounds all across Europe and USA.

In conclusion, there’s never any shortage of incredible music being released within the metal genre. The top new music 2015 metal artists and albums list above is merely a roadmap to kindle your interest in this exciting world of sound. Go forth and explore, experimentally, recklessly – but remember to bring your earplugs!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about New Music in the Metal Genre for 2015

If you are a metal fan, 2015 has been a year of many surprises and exciting events. With so much new music being released, it can be tough to keep up with all the latest developments in the genre. However, there are a few key facts that you absolutely need to know if you want to stay ahead of the curve and fully appreciate what the metal industry has to offer.

Here are the top 5 facts about new music in the metal genre for 2015:

1. Metal is Evolving

It’s no secret that metal has come a long way since its inception. In recent years, metal music has evolved into something much more sophisticated, dynamic and intricate than ever before. This year we have seen many artists experimenting with new styles and techniques within their music which highlight the growth potential of this unique art form.

2. Many Big Releases

So far in 2015 we’ve witnessed some fantastic releases by big names like Lamb Of God, Slayer and Iron Maiden. And there’s still plenty more to come from established bands such as Megadeth who recently announced they will release their next studio album later this year!

3. New Artists Are Emerging

While established acts continue to pump out great albums, we’re also seeing new talent emerge on the scene! Acts like Ghost B.C., Periphery and Code Orange are starting to make waves within the industry; showcasing just how vibrant and diverse modern-day heavy metal music truly is.

4. The Rise of Progressive Metal

As mentioned earlier, heavy metal is evolving at an unprecedented pace; blending different sub-genres into one cohesive sound that makes for an exhilarating listening experience! Perhaps one of those sub-genres making strides this year is progressive metal – characterized by long instrumental passages with complex time signatures that require expert musicianship from its performers.

5. Greater Accessibility

Finally, perhaps one of THE biggest trends in 2015 thus far is greater accessibility to new music. Fans worldwide can now stream and download new releases instantly, for free or via subscription services like Spotify or Apple Music – making it easier than ever before to discover all kinds of new and exciting heavy metal acts!

So there you have it; the top 5 facts you need to know about new music in the metal genre for 2015. From emerging talent and progressive sounds, to big names continuing their reign; this year promises great things for fans of heavy music everywhere!

Exploring the Diversity of New Sounds in Metal for 2015

Metal music’s diversity has long been acknowledged, and 2015 is proving to be no different. The year has seen a multitude of sounds emerge, as newer bands are breaking through with hard-hitting riffs that still manage to push the genre’s boundaries. From new subgenres to revisiting some classic styles, there’s something for everyone in metal this year.

One new subgenre that’s been garnering attention this year is blackgaze – think black metal meets shoegaze. Bands like Deafheaven and Lantlôs have done an excellent job of blending these two seemingly disparate sounds together, creating something entirely new and exciting. This blend of harsh vocals and atmospheric guitar work results in a sound that can only be described as hauntingly beautiful.Their epic compositions often last up to ten minutes or more, making for an intense journey through their music.

Doom metal has also had a resurgence of sorts this year with Pallbearer’s “Foundations Of Burden”. The Arkansas-based quartet’s sophomore album delivers countless crushing riffs using ancient song structures: slow tempos held steady by trudging bass lines while guitarist Brett Campbell channels his inner Tony Iommi through noisy but accessible solos. Additionally, Khemmis from Colorado embraces Iron Maiden-style twin-guitar harmonies and several sojourns into stoner territory but it all ultimately fits under the doom umbrella without deviating too far from what makes great traditional doom.

For those who prefer a heavier sound with massive breakdown takedowns – hardcore staples such as Every Time I Die have visited studio time to lay out some bone-crunching anthems that can leave your ears ringing for hours.

As always, bands are experimenting with even harsher styles too— such as the increasingly popular deathcore sub-genre continues to evolve with bands like Oceano bringing slamming beats overlorded by guttural vomiting growls on ‘Ascendants’. Fans of brutal music will find everything their heart desires here, over-the-top blasting beats and heavy-duty grooves enough to satisfy anyone’s bloodlust.

Finally, Technical death metal seems to be gaining some momentum as a scene. Deathcore giants Whitechapel have officially shifted gears into this intricate yet highly technical sub-genre, and their latest album “Our Endless War” showcases some fantastically dextrous guitar playing –bringing together thrash with ripping staccato blastbeats at lightning-fast tempos that intersect in dizzying structures.

In conclusion, from the atmospheric blackgaze backgrounds to crushing doom rhythms and deathcore assaults as well as numerous sub-genres one thing can be said – the diversity of new sounds in Metal for 2015 has been astonishingly rich so far. Great bands continue to build on what their predecessors began whilst pushing it further– creating intense soundscapes that attract fans both new and old alike.

First and foremost, the metal genre is constantly evolving. What once started as Black Sabbath’s heavy blues has now branched out into sub-genres like death metal, power metal, thrash metal, and more. These sub-genres have only continued to diversify with bands innovating their sounds by incorporating elements of other genres like jazz, blues or classical music. That means there’s always something new to discover.

Moreover, some amazing breakthrough artists are emerging in today’s market. Bands like Spiritbox, Alien Weaponry & Rivers of Nihil are crafting innovative sounds that push the boundaries of what we traditionally think of as “metal” while still keeping true to its roots. Alongside these creative bands come fresh styles such as djent and mathcore that fuse tech-heavy instrumentals with intense vocals.

But it doesn’t stop there! Given the times we’ve all been living through lately, musicians have had more downtime than usual to create and experiment. The result? Some truly wild experimentation with sounds from around the globe – from Japanese city pop to African traditional music incorporated into brutal death metal riffs – which make for exciting combinations!

While sticking with more established bands whose repertoire you already love might seem easier or safe, exploring new releases in the metal scene could open up windows to previously-unheard-of talented acts – often undiscovered! Think about how at one time Metallica were just another underground band trying to get their music out there- now they’re industry legends.

So whether you’re keen on doom-laden soundscapes or flashy shredding or something completely different altogether – take a moment, check out playlists curated by experts if needed (like “New Metal Tracks” on Spotify) – dive into the newer, edgier bands who are on the verge of breaking through! Who knows, you may just discover your new favorite band this year.

Table with useful data:

Band Album Release Date
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter October 21st, 2014
Lamb of God VII: Sturm und Drang July 24th, 2015
Bullet for My Valentine Venom August 14th, 2015
Slayer Repentless September 11th, 2015
Disturbed Immortalized August 21st, 2015

Information from an expert

As an expert in the field of metal music, I have been closely following the new releases in 2015. This year has seen some incredible additions to the genre, ranging from classic thrash sounds with modern twists to experimental approaches that challenge and push boundaries. The scene is constantly evolving, and it’s exciting to see how bands are incorporating new elements and styles into their music. There is surely something for every metalhead in the diverse slate of 2015 releases, and I can’t wait to see what’s still to come.

Historical fact:

In 2015, the metal scene saw a resurgence of nostalgic thrash and an increase in popularity of sub-genres such as progressive and technical death metal.