Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree: The Best Heavy Metal Holiday Hits


How to Add Heavy Metal Flair to Your Favorite Holiday Tunes

As the holiday season approaches, carolers can be heard singing melodies that are familiar year after year. Traditional songs like “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” are classics for a reason – they have stood the test of time and remain beloved by people of all ages. However, for those who prefer a harder edge to their music, adding heavy metal flair to your favorite holiday tunes can bring a fresh new vibe to your holiday season.

The first step in adding this unique twist is choosing which holiday song you want to modify. The options are endless – from the fun-loving sound of Frosty the Snowman to the somber tone of Greensleeves. Once you have selected your target song, you will need to understand the key components of heavy metal music – distorted guitars, intricate drumming patterns, driving baselines and ferocious vocals.

The next step is finding arrangements that fit with these elements. You could start by listening to popular heavy metal renditions of holiday songs such as Twisted Sister’s version of “Deck The Halls”. You can also explore musicians who specialize on Heavy Metal featuring Yuletide songs; bands who produce twists like Trans-Siberian Orchestra and August Burns Red.

Once you have gathered inspiration for your interpretation, it’s time to rearrange the song structure itself. Try incorporating heavier guitar riffs or more intense drumbeats than the original version would allow. Add some bass lines that move rather than just underlining chords sequences by infusing progressive shadows across different sections of your song.

Additionally, vocals are important in adding heaviness’ fluidity as it creates an almost synesthetic sensation when fused correctly with rebellious instruments making hardcore bedfellows with gentle Christmas melodies unlike what listeners may never have imagined before.

Remember that having enthusiasm and passion during this process will go a long way towards making sure that your rendition shines through as authentic instead of copy-pasting what already exists. There is no right or wrong way to add heavy metal flair to your holiday tunes. There’s only your way as you get creative with different elements that give every song a new and refreshing look.

In conclusion, adding heavy metal flair to traditional holiday songs can be an exciting and fun opportunity for music lovers of all ages. With adrenaline-fuelled arrangements and powerful vocals, it’s possible to bring together the magic of Christmas with the high-energy excitement of heavy metal. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different instruments, sounds and techniques – let your creativity run wild, push boundaries and make something original worth headbanging!

Heavy Metal Christmas Music Step by Step: Infusing Metal into the Festive Season

Christmas and heavy metal may seem like two things that don’t quite go together. After all, Christmas is typically associated with joy, love, and warmth while heavy metal is often linked to aggression, angst, and rebellion. However, if you’re a metalhead who wishes to infuse some rock ‘n’ roll energy into your holiday celebrations, there’s no reason why you can’t add some headbanging flair to the festive season. Here’s how you can do it step by step:

Step One: Choose the Right Songs
To rock around the Christmas tree in true metal fashion, start by selecting the right tunes. There are plenty of classic carols and holiday-themed songs out there that have been given a hard-rock makeover. Some popular choices include “Carol of the Bells” by August Burns Red, “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” by Bad Religion, “Jingle Bells” by Skid Row, and “Little Drummer Boy” by Metallica.

Step Two: Customize Your Decorations
Once you’ve got your playlist sorted out, it’s time to get creative with your decorations. Why settle for boring red-and-green ornaments when you can adorn your tree with skull-shaped baubles or mini electric guitars? You could also hang up posters of your favorite metal bands alongside more traditional festive decor like tinsel and fairy lights.

Step Three: Plan Your Menu
Food plays a crucial role in any celebration, so why not inject some heavy metal flavor into your Christmas menu? You could serve up devilishly hot dishes or incorporate dark-colored food dyes for a gothic touch. And don’t forget about dessert – black forest cake or Oreo cheesecake would fit perfectly with the theme.

Step Four: Dress Up in Style
If you’re going all-out on your heavy metal Christmas shindig, dress accordingly. Pull out those leather jackets and denim vests adorned with patches of your favorite metal bands. Add some festive touches like a Santa hat or Christmas-themed jewelry, and you’ll be ready to headbang the night away in style.

Step Five: Play Some Games
It wouldn’t be a party without games, right? For a heavier edge, play traditional games with metal twists. Replace “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” with “Pin the Horns on Satan,” or have a beer pong tournament with metal-themed cups. You could even set up an air guitar competition with holiday-inspired songs.

In Conclusion
By infusing some heavy metal into your Christmas celebrations, you can create a unique and memorable event that will be talked about for years to come. Remember to choose the right songs, customize your decorations, plan your menu creatively, dress up accordingly and add in some fun games! Start your own Heavy Metal Christmas tradition today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Heavy Metal Christmas Music

The holiday season is upon us, and one of the most distinct ways to add some metal vibes to your celebrations is through heavy metal Christmas music. It may be a surprising combination for some, but the idea of mixing festive cheer with hard-hitting guitar riffs and growling vocals has been around for years now. So, if you’re curious about this genre or already a seasoned headbanger ready to rock out with these tunes during the holidays, here are some frequently asked questions about heavy metal Christmas music:

Q: What exactly is heavy metal Christmas music?

A: Heavy metal Christmas music is an eclectic mix of traditional holiday songs such as “Jingle Bells” or “Silent Night,” infused with heavy guitar riffs, thundering drumbeats, and aggressive vocal stylings. It’s essentially taking the classic sound of commercialized yuletide tunes and amplifying it into a more powerful sonic experience that caters to those who prefer headbanging over caroling.

Q: Who are some popular bands/artists in this sub-genre?

A: There’s no shortage of notable musicians who have put their own spin on holiday hits with a more rough-edged approach. Some examples include Twisted Sister’s “Heavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days Of Christmas)”, Halford’s “Get Into The Spirit” album, King Diamond’s “No Presents For Christmas,” and Lemmy Kilmister’s rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Run Rudolph Run.”

Q: Why do people enjoy listening to heavy metal versions of traditional holiday songs?

A: The appeal varies based on personal preference. For fans of both heavy metal and the holidays, it’s like getting two gifts in one – enjoying familiar tunes while keeping true to their musical taste. Others find it amusing or entertaining since hearing Santa Claus come down the chimney followed by shredding guitars might spark some laughs or invoke fond memories of wild holiday parties.

Q: Are there any new heavy metal Christmas albums coming out soon?

A: Yes, fans of this genre can expect some releases to rock out the 2021 holiday season. For example, the American thrash metal band Metallica has announced that they’re releasing a deluxe version of their infamous “Black Album” that includes a bonus disc with all sorts of covers, including their hard-hitting take on “Christmas Song.” Additionally, California-based metallers Arsis are set to release their album “A Death Metal Christmas” featuring rifftastic renditions of traditional holiday songs like “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.”

Q: What’s the best time or place to listen to heavy metal Christmas music?

A: Anywhere and anytime that suits you! Whether it’s blasting out in your home while decorating your tree or playlisted during festivities with friends and family. It’s up to you whether it’s played at a high volume party atmosphere or used for calming background sounds.

In conclusion, if you haven’t given heavy metal Christmas music a shot yet, don’t shy away from it. The genre may seem unconventional at first glance but adds an exciting twist to traditional holiday hits while catering to both headbangers and festive folk. We wish you all “Happy Holidays” – even when sung by an angry madman! Rock on!

Top 5 Facts You May Not Know About Heavy Metal Christmas Music

As the holiday season approaches, we all start to hear the classic carols of yesteryear playing in stores and on the radio. However, there is a genre of music that often gets overlooked: Heavy Metal Christmas Music. Yes, you heard that right! Believe it or not, there are many bands out there who have recorded their take on some of our favorite holiday tunes. Here are the top 5 facts you may not know about this unique style of Christmas music:

1. Heavy Metal Christmas Music has been around since the 1980s.

That’s right, folks! This genre has been around for over three decades now. It all started with Twisted Sister’s “A Twisted Christmas” album back in 2006 which features metal versions of classic holiday songs like “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Silver Bells,” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” Since then, more and more bands have picked up on this trend including Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Iron Maiden.

2. The lyrics can be just as festive as traditional carols.

Many heavy metal artists take their inspiration from traditional holiday messages such as love, peace and joy but put their own spin on things by adding some hard-hitting guitar riffs and pounding drums. Some examples include Motorhead’s version of “Run Rudolph Run” or Alice Cooper’s rendition of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.”

3. The musical arrangements vary wildly.

While some Heavy Metal Christmas Music will stick to more traditional arrangements similar to what you would hear sung in a church choir or around a campfire, others go above and beyond creating new sounds that even die-hard metalheads have never heard before. The German-based group Rammstein takes this approach with their original composition “Winterzeit”. With its haunting melody set against electronic instrumentation ,this tune blends festive themes with dark undertones complemented by aggressive vocals by lead singer Till Lindemann.

4. You can find Heavy Metal Christmas Music in unexpected places.

While you may not hear this genre on your local radio station or at the mall, many bands have recorded their takes on these classic songs and released them exclusively through various online music retailers. Some bands have even given away digital downloads of their songs for free via their websites as a holiday gift to fans such as the Finnish band Children of Bodom who released “Jingle Balls” back in 2018.

5. Heavy Metal Christmas Music is not just for metalheads.

In case you were wondering if this genre was only meant for those with a love of all things heavy metal, the answer couldn’t be further from the truth. Many people who may never listen to anything heavier than Taylor Swift will find themselves tapping their toes and singing along to versions of “Silent Night” performed by artists like Manheim Steamroller or The Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

In conclusion, while Heavy Metal Christmas Music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly adds an intriguing twist to the traditional holiday playlist. Who knows? Maybe it’ll become part of our mainstream culture someday…or maybe not! Regardless, it’s definitely worth giving a listen during this festive season!

The Best Heavy Metal Christmas Songs to Add to Your Playlist

The festive season is upon us, and while some people might be content with the usual saccharine Christmas carols and pop tracks, for metalheads, there’s never been a better time to crank up the volume and celebrate the holidays in their own unique style. So for headbangers looking to add some thrashing riffage to their holiday playlist this year, here are The Best Heavy Metal Christmas Songs that you can’t miss out on.

1) “Run Rudolph Run” by Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)
The undisputed king of hard rock legends, Lemmy put his signature growl on this Chuck Berry classic in 2008. Always known for his love of aggressive guitar work and fast-paced riffs, it’s no surprise that he gave Rudolph a turbo-charged kick in the sleigh-bells. This song is perfect for those who want to inject some ferocity into their festive soundtrack.

2) “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” by Alice Cooper
We all know this beloved song from childhood but Alice Cooper had something different planned when he made it metal. His version plays heavily with using electric heavy guitars and funky organ fills as backing instrumentation. His rendition gives Santa Claus more of a sinister vibe that won’t make you scared but pumped up for Christmas joys.

3) “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings” by Dio
If there was ever going to be a band that could mix great metal sound and choirs singalongs so amazingly then nothing beats “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” This collaboration has almost everything everyone loves about Dio in a slow beat interspersed with hymns being sung euphorically makes it truly stand out from any ordinary traditional track.

4) “Jingle Bells” by Skid Row
No one expected Skid Row to come up with an epic version of “Jingle Bells”. While they’re not known to be the most family-friendly of bands, their thrashing guitars implementation works here as they turn this classic song into a heavy-duty rock fest. Their interpretation gives way to one of the best holiday tracks about riding in a sleigh like it’s a Harley-Davidson instead.

5) “Heavy Metal Christmas” by Twisted Sister
The kings behind “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” Twisted Sister found success with this all-metal Christmas-spirited anthem. The lyrics themselves are humorous, and some might even say bleak, but strange enough, it is guaranteed that you’ll have a good laugh hearing these Welshmen proclaiming that ”Santa ain’t comin’ tonight!”.

6) “Little Drummer Boy” by August Burns Red
August Burns Red made an impact as a modern legend in metal music, having many successful albums and winning awards for their original concept. Their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” takes someone who only heard the original once in school music classes and show them how sick the track can sound with deep death core drums while keeping its basic melody.

7) “Father Christmas” by The Kinks
Dating back to 1977 and inspired by punk rock themes, The Kinks’ “Father Christmas” protests about bad economic times with Santas being mugged – this lends a more somber note compared to other holiday songs. Ray Davies’ varied chord progression makes adds some new chords going well beyond usual pentatonic scales making him one of the best guitar players on this list.

So there you have it! Each of these songs takes on different styles in terms of how heaviness is applied but all retains the recognisable motifs we appreciate during holidays. This list has something for everyone from slaying reindeer to giving an expose about how Father Christmas struggles today. Turn up those speakers put on your santa hat, grab eggnogs or whatever tickles your seasonal fancy, and rock out to the most metal Christmas songs ever created.

Celebrating with a Bang: Creating the Perfect Heavy Metal-Inspired Christmas Party

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a heavy metal-inspired Christmas party? Picture it: the sound of electric guitars shredding through classic Christmas tunes, dark and edgy decorations, and guests dressed in their best head-banging attire.

Firstly, start with the invites. Creatively incorporate heavy metal references into the design while still maintaining that festive feel. Perhaps use a red and black color scheme with images of skulls wearing Santa hats or have the invitation written in font similar to a band’s logo.

When decorating your space, transform it into a gloomy, metallic wonderland. Use black or dark-colored streamers as well as metallic ornaments in shades of silver, gold and copper smashed together with skulls and other metal items decoratively placed on top. Also consider having an extravagant table featuring an ominous centerpiece surrounded by dimly lit candles!

To keep up that hard-core spirit during meal times without plating something quite literally out-of-this-world or leaving traditional food out all together come up with creative names for dishes such as “Satanic Sliders” or whip up some poison-apple cocktails decorated with candy floss cobwebs; again incorporating traditional elements but giving them that dangerous edge you’ve created elsewhere.

Encourage guests to dress in their finest metal attire encouraged by gory skeleton makeup using weathered textured colors perfect for crafting that natural ‘living dead’ look for both face and fingers – this will definitely help bring energy to the room while bashing out those killer guitar riffs. Looking for inspiration? Think Niklas Kvarforth from Swedish outfit Shining circa 2015; he added touches like faux bloodstains on white button-downs under sharp-looking suits!

Lastly provide entertainment beyond music to ensure things never run dry towards end of the night including karaoke challenging duets between infamous artists such Metallica’s James Hetfield paired with Jayne Manor of Cradle Of Filth; a real crowd-pleaser!

A heavy metal-inspired Christmas party is the perfect way to bring a unique spin on the holiday season. By incorporating gothic and edgy ideas into traditional celebration, guests will have something amazing to rave about for years to come!