Rocking for Jesus: The Inspiring Story of Newsboys Christian Rock Group


Step by Step: The Evolution of the Newsboys Christian Rock Group

The Newsboys are one of the most iconic names in the history of contemporary Christian music. From their humble beginnings in Australia to their well-deserved status as global superstars, this band has been serving up catchy melodies, thought-provoking lyrics, and plenty of high-energy performances for decades.

But how did they get there? What steps did they take along the way that led them from a small-time outfit playing in local churches to an international sensation with legions of fans around the world? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the evolution of the Newsboys and trace their journey step by step.

Step 1: Formation

The story of the Newsboys begins in 1985 in Mooloolaba, Australia. A group of young musicians came together under the leadership of Peter Furler, who would eventually become the band’s lead vocalist and drummer. They played mostly covers of popular songs but also began writing and performing original material inspired by their Christian faith.

Their first album, “Read All About It,” was released independently in 1987 and helped establish them as a promising new talent on the Australian Christian music scene. The following year, they signed with record label Refuge Communications and released “Hell Is for Wimps,” which showcased a more polished sound and gained them even more attention.

Step 2: Personnel Changes

Throughout the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, several members of the band came and went. In addition to Furler, bassist Sean Taylor was a constant throughout this period. Other notable members included Phil Joel on guitar/vocals and Duncan Phillips on drums.

Perhaps most significantly, John James served as lead vocalist for several albums before departing in 1997 to pursue other interests. His departure opened up opportunities for Furler to take over frontman duties full-time.

Step 3: Mainstream Success

In 1994, the Newsboys signed with record label Star Song Communications and released “Going Public,” a game-changing effort that helped push them into the mainstream. Hitting number 1 on the Christian Albums chart and breaking into the top 40 on the Billboard 200, this album featured hits like “Shine” and “Spirit Thing” that received widespread radio airplay.

Over the next several years, they continued to release successful albums and tour extensively, building a loyal fanbase in the process.

Step 4: Reinvention

As with any band that’s been around for as long as the Newsboys, there have been ups and downs along the way. In the early 2000s, they went through a period of reinvention that saw them adopt a more contemporary sound influenced by electronic dance music (EDM) and other current trends.

This was exemplified by their hit album “Restart” (2013), which leaned heavily into EDM elements while still retaining their signature catchy hooks and inspiring message.

Step 5: Furler Departure

In what was arguably one of the biggest shake-ups in their history, Peter Furler announced in 2009 that he would be stepping down from his role as lead vocalist after leading the band for nearly three decades. He was replaced by former DC Talk member Michael Tait.

Despite some initial skepticism from fans, Tait quickly won over audiences with his dynamic stage presence and powerful vocals. The band continued to tour and record new music with him at the helm, proving that even major changes can’t keep a good band down.

Step 6: Continued Success

Today, more than thirty years after their formation, Newsboys continue to be one of Christian music’s most beloved acts. They’ve released over twenty albums throughout their career (including some under different monikers like Newsong), won numerous awards (including four Dove Awards for Album of Year), and recorded countless hits that have become staples in the Christian rock canon.

Their latest album, “United,” released in 2019, shows that they still have plenty of creative spark left in them. And with a fanbase that spans generations and continents, it’s clear that the Newsboys have left an enduring mark on the world of Christian music.

In conclusion, the journey of the Newsboys has been a long and varied one, marked by personnel changes, reinvention, and numerous successes along the way. And as they continue to evolve and grow as artists, one thing is certain: their unique blend of catchy hooks, thoughtful lyrics, and electrifying performances will continue to inspire fans for years to come.

FAQ about the Newsboys Christian Rock Group: Your Burning Questions Answered

The Newsboys Christian rock group has been a staple in the music industry for over three decades. Known for their high-energy performances and thought-provoking lyrics, they have amassed a devoted fanbase that spans the globe. But with all of this popularity comes a lot of questions from both old and new fans alike. To satisfy your curiosity, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about the Newsboys.

Q: Who are the members of the Newsboys?

A: The current members of the Newsboys are Michael Tait (lead vocals), Jody Davis (guitar), Jeff Frankenstein (keys), and Duncan Phillips (drums). Tait joined the band in 2009 after former lead singer Peter Furler stepped down.

Q: How did the Newsboys meet and form as a band?

A: The Newsboys originally formed in 1985 in Mooloolaba, Australia under their original name, The News. They were initially comprised of members John James on vocals, Sean Taylor on bass, George Perdikis on guitar, and Peter Furler on drums. Over time, they added more members to their group and eventually became known as The Newsboys.

Q: What is the sound and style of their music like?

A: The Newsboys’ sound has evolved over the years into what can be described as pop-rock with Christian themes. While they have experimented with different styles throughout their career, their music has always contained a message that speaks to their faith.

Q: Which albums should I start with if I’m new to listening to them?

A: Some popular starting points for new listeners include “Going Public” (1994), which contains popular hits like “Shine” and “Spirit Thing”, “Take Me To Your Leader”(1996) includes songs such as “Breathe” and “God Is Not A Secret”. If you’re looking for a more recent album to start with, “Love Riot” (2016) and “United” (2019) are both well-received by fans.

Q: What is the message behind their music?

A: The Newsboys’ message is centered around their Christian faith. They often use their music to express their beliefs and encourage others to strengthen their relationship with God.

Q: Have they ever won any awards?

A: Yes! The band has won multiple awards throughout their career, including several Dove Awards and a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album in 1995.

Q: Do they have any notable collaborations or tours?

A: The Newsboys have collaborated with several artists over the years, including Kevin Max of DC Talk, Michael W. Smith, and Toby Mac. Additionally, they have gone on tour with other Christian rock bands such as Audio Adrenaline and Third Day.

Q: What sets the Newsboys apart from other Christian rock groups?

A: One defining characteristic of the Newsboys is their high-energy performances that leave audiences feeling uplifted and energized. They also have a unique way of balancing catchy pop-rock melodies with meaningful lyrics that convey important messages about faith and personal growth.

Q: Are there any upcoming projects or tours we should be excited about?

A: As of now, there haven’t been any announcements regarding new projects or tours but we’ll definitely keep you informed once we hear anything!

In conclusion, the Newsboys continue to captivate audiences worldwide through their catchy tunes coupled with uplifting messages that communicate thoughts related to Christianity while still maintaining relevance in today’s music industry. Hopefully, this FAQ cleared up some questions you might’ve had whilst introducing you to one of the most iconic Christian rock groups out there!

Top 5 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Newsboys Christian Rock Group

When it comes to Christian rock, few bands are as iconic or influential as the Newsboys. With a career spanning three decades and dozens of albums, this Australian-born group has left an indelible mark on the music industry and inspired countless fans along the way.

But while many people may be familiar with some of the Newsboys’ biggest hits (think “Shine” and “God’s Not Dead”), there are plenty of lesser-known facts about this band that might surprise you. So if you’re a die-hard fan or just curious to learn more about one of Christian rock’s most enduring acts, read on for five things you probably didn’t know about the Newsboys.

1. They Got Their Start in Australia

While they’ve long been associated with America’s Christian music scene, the original members of the Newsboys actually hail from down under. The band was founded in Queensland in 1985 by brothers Peter and George Furler, along with bassist Sean Taylor and guitarist John James.

At first, they were known simply as The News but eventually added the “boys” suffix to differentiate themselves from another band with a similar name. It wasn’t until after their move to America in 1994 that they really hit it big thanks to songs like “Shine,” which became their first mainstream radio hit.

2. They’re No Strangers to Change

Over the years, the lineup of the Newsboys has gone through several changes – so much so that even die-hard fans might have trouble keeping track! Some notable former members include John James (who left in 1997 due to vocal problems), Phil Joel (who departed in 2006 after more than a decade with the band), and Peter Furler himself (who stepped down as lead singer in 2009 before returning briefly from 2018-2019).

Despite all this turnover, however, one thing has remained constant: The Newsboys’ commitment to delivering high-energy, faith-filled rock that speaks to a wide audience.

3. They’ve Collaborated with Some Big Names

Over the years, the Newsboys have had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in Christian music as well as crossover artists from other genres. For example, their 2016 album “Love Riot” features collaborations with singer-songwriter Kevin Max (formerly of DC Talk) and hip-hop artist KB.

But perhaps their most surprising partnership came in 2013 when they teamed up with none other than pop superstar Katy Perry! The unlikely duo recorded a remix of Perry’s hit single “Hot N Cold,” which featured new lyrics emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s beliefs.

4. Their Music Has Been Used in Movies and TV Shows

The Newsboys’ music has found its way into all sorts of media over the years, from movies and TV shows to video games and commercials. For example, their song “Escape” was featured on the soundtrack for the classic ’90s film “Sleepless in Seattle,” while their hit single “God’s Not Dead” became an anthem for believers everywhere after being used in both a popular movie series and a subsequent TV show.

And if you’re a gamer, you might recognize their music from titles like “Rock Band” or “Guitar Hero III.” All this exposure has helped cement the Newsboys as one of Christian rock’s most enduring acts – not bad for a band that got its start playing gigs at youth camps!

5. They’re Just Getting Started

With more than three decades under their belts, it’s easy to assume that the Newsboys are ready to retire or slow down. But nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, they continue to tour regularly and release new music on a regular basis – including 2021’s album “Stand.”

They may have faced plenty of ups and downs over the years, but one thing remains clear: The Newsboys are here to stay. And with their infectious energy and unwavering faith, they’re sure to inspire a whole new generation of rock fans for decades to come.

The Message Behind the Music: The Influence of Christianity on the Newsboys’ Lyrics

For over three decades, the Newsboys have been one of the most popular Christian rock bands in the world. With hits like “God’s Not Dead,” “We Believe,” and “Shine,” they have consistently created music that not only entertains but also inspires. As a devoutly Christian band, Newsboys’ lyrics often reflect their religious beliefs and worldview. Let’s take a closer look at how Christianity shapes the message behind their music.

Firstly, one cannot deny that Christianity has heavily influenced many of the titles and themes of Newsboys’ songs. For Example, their hit song “God’s Not Dead” is an overt declaration of faith in God’s existence and power. Similarly, other songs such as “Love Riot” are inspired by Biblical teachings about love as well as personal experiences with relationships.

Furthermore, the band members themselves often relate personal testimonies through the lyrics to inspire others to connect with God on a deeper level. One such example is in their hit song “Born Again,” which speaks of finding forgiveness for past mistakes through spiritual redemption.

In addition to creating uplifting and encouraging messages especially for people who share this particular faith; The Newsboys also address social issues such as bullying (“Enemy”), poverty (“Always”), corruption (“The King Is Coming”), among others; all within a Christian point of view.

While some may argue that including religious aspects in mainstream music might be narrow or limiting due to its inherently specific target audience; there has been no denying that every album from this wholesome brand has something unique and fresh despite its presumed theme repetition. A great example can be taken from their latest album ‘United,’ which features Billie Eilish’s brother (Finneas) on production credits – showcasing how they stay relevant while sticking firm to what identifies them both artistically and spiritually.

Moreover, it is evident that NBS’ unique sound (with Michael Tait as frontman) appeals to listeners even beyond their church congregations. Orthodox Christian as they may appear, the Newsboys’ uplifting lyrics and lively beats attract a broad audience to lifted spirits and cheers.

With this in mind, it’s safe to say that Newsboys’ music is more than just catchy tunes and pleasant melodies. It is a form of ministry aimed at encouraging people from all walks of life to connect with God through their faith-based messages. The band’s unwavering spirit speaks volumes about their devotion, and fans can attest that the words are universally inspiring when it comes to living purposefully and positively.

In conclusion, the influence of Christianity on Newsboys’ lyrics is significant – and even if you don’t subscribe to their specific beliefs, you cannot ignore how important spirituality continues to be in everyone’s lives. They have proven time after time that inspirational music has no boundaries- religious or not; what matters most is creating soulful tunes for people who want positive vibes wherever they listen: In front pews or with headphones on. Because in truth, everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes.

From Shine to God’s Not Dead: A Look Back at the Best Songs from the Newsboys Christian Rock Group

The Newsboys are one of the most iconic Christian rock groups of all time. For over three decades, this Australian band has captivated audiences with their infectious melodies, powerful lyrics, and electrifying live performances.

The group’s music has evolved over the years, but one factor that has remained consistent is their unwavering faith in God. Their songs often revolve around themes like redemption, forgiveness, and salvation, providing a beacon of hope to those who listen to them.

As we look back at the best songs from the Newsboys throughout their career, it’s difficult not to get swept up in nostalgia. From their early hits like “Shine” and “Breakfast” to their more recent releases such as “God’s Not Dead” and “We Believe,” each song carries its own unique message and purpose.

Let’s start with “Shine.” Released in 1994 on their album Going Public, this song quickly became a favorite among Christian rock fans. Its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus made it impossible not to sing along. The lyrics encourage listeners to let their light shine for everyone to see: “If you’re living loud / And you’re not breaking your word / Then you’ll be knocking at the gates of Heaven.”

Another standout track from Going Public is “Breakfast.” This quirky tune chronicles a comical morning routine that includes everything from burnt toast to spilled coffee. However, beneath the surface humor lies a deeper message about finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Fast forward almost two decades later, and we come across another iconic hit from the Newsboys: “God’s Not Dead.” Released in 2011, this song was inspired by the popular book and movie franchise of the same name. It boldly proclaims God’s existence by asking rhetorical questions like “Where did I come from? / Why am I here? / Where am I going?” The answer always comes back to God- he is our creator, sustainer, and ultimate hope.

“We Believe” is another powerful track from the Newsboys. Released in 2014 on their album Restart, this song was written to unite believers across the world. Its lyrics speak to the core beliefs of Christianity: “We believe in the Son of God / We believe He died and rose again / We believe that love’s enough / We believe in unity.”

It’s clear that the Newsboys have left an indelible mark on Christian rock music. Their songs inspire listeners to live boldly for Christ, find joy in everyday moments, and cling to hope even in the darkest of times. As we look back at their career, we can’t help but be grateful for the countless lives touched by their music.

For several decades now, the Newsboys Christian Rock Group has been creating music which has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Despite living in a world where genres like Hip Hop and R&B have taken over, their Christian Rock sound has remained relevant with young people as well as old. So why do they still hold massive appeal? What makes them so unique, entertaining, and enduring?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand that their music is not your run-of-the-mill gospel beats or worship hymns that are exclusive for Sunday mornings; instead, it’s specifically designed for everyone who loves music regardless of their religious beliefs. Their message is one of hope and encouragement while also incorporating themes such as love, empowerment and positivity all within a rock context.

Music lovers haven’t only admired bands for producing great tunes but also great personalities with lead singers possessing contagious stage presence that brings every audience member to life with energy from start to finish in every concert they perform at. In this case – Michael Tait became part of this significant increase by joining the band officially in 2009 after replacing Peter Furler as the frontman.

Another reason why fans continue to adore ‘The Newsboys’ is because they’re masters at adapting themselves into changing musical environments without losing touch with their core musical components. They’re not afraid to take risks even if it means blending rock sounds with rap or other diverse styles that push boundaries across different genres.

Furthermore, The Newsboys understands how crucial social media platforms have become when reaching audiences but more importantly keeping tight relationships too- constantly keeping an open dialogue online between themselves and followers whilst always ensuring go above-and-beyond when meeting their fanbase face-to-face. This has built a loyal community of followers that represents the power of music as well as their influence to those who share in their message.

In conclusion, after analyzing the trends and acknowledging what makes artists stand out in today’s music industry, the Newsboys have demonstrated their ability to generate quality rock sounds which transcend borders whilst consistently maintaining their original message of faith and love- ultimately becoming part of iconic mainstream culture. With an ever-growing fanbase, there is no doubt this band will remain relevant to all for years to come because, at the end of it all, ” God” or not, everyone loves some good rock ‘n roll!