Rocking Out: The Top Metal Music Videos of 2015


Step by Step Guide: How to Create the Perfect Metal Music Video in 2015

The world of metal music is known for its relentless passion, exciting sounds and visually captivating performances. In this day and age of social media and instant gratification, having a great music video to share with fans can make all the difference in building a loyal following. Contrary to popular belief, creating a compelling metal music video is not as simple as just playing your instrument in front of a camera – it requires planning, creativity and attention to detail. So whether you’re an aspiring artist looking to take your career to the next level or simply interested in how these impressive visuals are made, follow along with this step-by-step guide on how to create the perfect metal music video in 2015.

Step 1: Start with a Concept

Before turning on the cameras and breaking out the headbanging moves, it’s important to have a clear vision of what you want your music video to portray. The concept should be cohesive with your song’s lyrics and overall theme, while also accommodating an element of storytelling that will captivate and engage viewers. Plan out what type of imagery will enhance both the audio and visual components – often times this includes symbolism or motifs that support the underlying message.

Step 2: Figure Out Your Budget

Making any kind of quality media production takes money – there’s no doubt about that. However when it comes down budgeting for making music videos there are plenty of opportunities for creative solutions within different price ranges depending on your available resources. While transforming an entire city into an apocalyptic wasteland might be epic…cinematic grandeur may not always be feasible from outset. Talk to some designers or director friends who would understand shooting videos; moreover adequately estimate costs for equipment rentals including camera gear & rigging systems (Christie Lites/LCS makes good rental).

Step 3: Selecting a Location

The right location can lend credibility to any visual production so choosing one that suits your style is paramount. Consider looking beyond the normal options to make a memorable statement, alternative decision can be made for such venues or sets. For example, empty warehouse, disused grain storage or an abandoned church will provide unique and evocative settings.

Step 4: Assemble a Crew

Successful music videos are rarely created by one person working alone. Building a team of talented individuals that bring together their collective vision to life is crucial when creating something as grand and ambitious as a metal music video. This crew should include professionals such as video editors, cinematographers and special effects technicians who collectively can capture magic of ambience & art. Also due consideration has to be given to the requirement for additional staff on the day of shoot– proper backup for lighting assistance or general technical support (Shooters Inc, Rogue Runners etc).

Step 5: Lighting Set-Up & Gear

Lighting may not only affect filming but also determines atmosphere within your backdrop; whether you’re looking to create gore-dripping-room-of-horror vibe or showcasing adrenaline pumped concert with electrifying performance–Lighting plays highly important role in enhancing every aspect of entire production Crews need equipment like tungsten & LED lights of varied sizes depending on expansiveness and gear requirements set by Director/Cinematographer.

Step 6: Build Your Brand Around Videos

With lots of access into social media platforms – marketing latest productions have now become more rewarding than ever before! Creating individualistic online presence via Instagram handles, LinkedIn profiles, Facebook pages about band members’ personal tastes can help further brand recognition among audiences. Make sure you’re post quality photos from behind-the-scenes conversations/meetings in order that viewers feel engaged enough so they’ll see these pictures to watch artists’ original works!

In conclusion…

Creating Metal Music Videos in 2021 Could prove quite challenging…However following these step-by-step instructions could enhance level professionalism thus enabling one’s work stand out above potential rivals. With enough planning, assembling the right crew and investing time (and money) in a quality production, the final outcome can showcase an artist’s creativity, originality and musicianship to a whole new level.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About the Best Metal Music Videos of 2015

Metal music is characterized by its heavy sound, angst-ridden lyrics, and powerful performances. It’s a genre that has continued to evolve over time, and in 2015, it gave us some of the most visually striking music videos to date. As someone who has been around the scene for awhile now, I figured it was about time to put together a comprehensive FAQ guide dedicated solely to the best metal music videos of 2015.

Q: What makes a great metal music video?

A: A great metal music video should not only compliment the song itself but also be visually stunning and thought-provoking. The visuals should represent the tone and feel of the song while being unique enough to keep viewers interested. The best metal music videos make use of dark imagery, creepy themes with an undercurrent of violence and aggression mixed with impressive styling.

Q: Which bands and artists made this year‘s list?

A: Some of the biggest names in metal were responsible for creating amazing visual representations of their tracks this year. Heavy hitters like Slipknot (The Devil In I), Machine Head (Now We Die) Mastodon (Asleep in the Deep) Korn (Hater), Bring Me The Horizon (Thrones), Lamb Of God(Controlled Chaos), Cannibal Corpse(Kill or Become) all released phenomenal videos during 2015 making them strong contenders for recognition.

Q: Are there any standout elements that these videos have in common?

A: Well dear reader, these artists might differ from each other musically but they share one thing – no love lost for storytelling through their videos! Characters are often presented in jaw-dropping makeup embracing twisted realities featuring fascinating worlds created by unbelievable special effects reliant on equal balance between narrative design high concept & execution.

Q: Is there any particular theme seen throughout these videos?

A: One recurring theme within many metal band’s visual work is gore alongside satanic or demonic imagery creating their signature aesthetic. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that art needs to be gruesome or necessarily uncensored – this was probably the year that witnessed an appreciated contextualization in storytelling in heavy metal videos which felt more like modern, thought-provoking horror movies than raw aggression provocation.

Q: Why are metal music videos important?

A: Metal bands and artists use their music videos as a way to further express themselves outside of the studio, giving viewers a deeper insight into their creative process & intention behind each track. For some fans, these music videos can also serve as a gateway into discovering new music and becoming lifelong fans of people they might not have encountered if not for these visually stunning pieces.

Whether you’re a hardcore metalhead, curious new listener or just someone who appreciates captivating audio visuals then the best metal music videos of 2015 should definitely be on your watch list!

Behind the Scenes Look at the Making of Some of the Best Metal Music Videos of 2015

Metal music is known for its heavy sound, headbanging rhythms, and in-your-face lyrics. But perhaps the most overlooked aspect of this genre is the music videos that go along with the songs. Metal bands have been experimenting with their visuals since the 80s, and today’s music industry demands more than just live footage or barebone concepts.

In 2015, several metal bands took a creative approach to music videos by bringing in teams with unique visions that matched their sound. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at some of those masterpieces.

First on our list is “Vulture Act II” by Death Angel. The video was directed by Tommy Jones, known for his work with Slipknot and Lamb Of God. It features an army of skeletons battling commandos in a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with gas masks, flames, and dust clouds. Jones had to shoot most of it outdoors on an abandoned airstrip in Alameda County near San Francisco Bay to achieve high-energy scenes such as exploding helicopters and pyrotechnics.

Next up is “Identity” by August Burns Red, directed by Drew Russ and Dan Fusselman from Thinkmill Studios. The video blends computer-generated imagery (CGI) seamlessly with natural elements such as smoke, water droplets, and fire sparks. The concept follows a man who wakes up within his own nightmare where he has to overcome an army of monsters while dealing with various obstacles like optical illusions and levitation.

Palisades’ “Fall” takes us into another universe altogether—a virtual one created using Unreal Engine—the same platform used by game developers for titles like Fortnite and Bioshock Infinite. Director Gabe Benjamin’s vision was to create an animated world where Palisades can exist beyond liminal reality—one without limits or constraints—where anything is possible without practical concerns like gravity or physics rules.
For Periphery’s song “Omega,” director Wes Richardson chose choreography as his medium of expressing the music’s intensity. The video features a group of dancers led by Atlanta-based choreographer Andrew “Druski” McDowell, who brings themes like control and chaos to life with elegant yet powerful movements.

Finally, we head to Ice Nine Kills’ “Communion of the Cursed,” directed by Caleb Mallery. The video is a visual representation of Dante Alighieri’s Inferno in which an old-school journalist follows lead singer Spencer Charnas through nine circles of hell while collecting stories from each level’s inhabitants. The video managed to capture every aspect of this literary classic without overburdening it with details.

In conclusion, 2015 proved to be a strong year for creative metal music videos that surpassed the stereotypes associated with the genre. By bringing on directors that could create unique visuals that complemented their sound, these bands not only made better content but also attracted new fans beyond metalheads. While not every band can afford millions of dollars in production and special effects, creativity and storytelling are free and can take any metal video from good to great.

The Top 5 Facts that Made These Metal Music Videos Stand Out in 2015

Music videos have been around for quite some time now, but those in the metal community will agree that a good metal music video is more than just an accompaniment to the music. It’s a visual experience that should thrill and excite you as much as the music itself. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of The Top 5 Facts that Made These Metal Music Videos Stand Out in 2015.

1) Production Value – In 2015, many bands took their music videos to new heights with elaborate productions that went above and beyond what we’re used to seeing from metal groups. Among these contenders was Slipknot’s “Killpop,” which featured scenes reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, with luxurious shots in gorgeous locations and beautiful effects throughout the video. This attention on the production value added another layer of sensory experience for viewers to enjoy.

2) Originality – Many bands also stepped up their game by incorporating fresh and exciting elements into their videos. In particular, Motionless In White’s “Break The Cycle” showed us something novel in its content—a group of teenagers facing off against supernatural forces during prom night—delivering both unparalleled visuals and startling concepts at once.

3) Compelling Narrative – Metal music videos don’t always need complex narratives; sometimes simple shots of band members rocking out are enough to get fans fired up. However, some metal bands dared to take on more ambitious storytelling attempts in 2015.
Avenged Sevenfold’s “Tonight The World Dies” beautifully demonstrated such creativity by mixing poignant short stories of personal tragedy with stunning animations generated using stop-motion photography aided by CGI effects—that not only impress your eyes but tug at your heartstrings too.

4) Badassery – When one thinks about metal bands crafting a solid image embodied by badassery, Iron Maiden’s “Speed Of Light” cannot be missed! The legendary rockers released an ambitiously crafted music video with a retro gaming twist that is as badass and dynamic as their iconic sound. This video ignited the nostalgia in all sorts of ways while remaining extremely entertaining.

5) Creativity – Lastly, there are those inventive metal music videos that exemplified exploratory ideas beyond traditional norms. Jinjer’s “Pisces” set an incredibly high bar, incorporating seemingly high-budget production values crammed into a low-budget filming set, consistently delivering enrapturing shots featuring its exceptional vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk, accompanied by creative illustrative animations throughout the piece.

In conclusion, these five videos had an indelible impact on metal fans and even casual listeners this year by presenting more than just compelling visuals but full-on cinematic experiences ripe with bespoke concepts and grandiose storytelling elements delivered in unique ways never seen before. It’s safe to say 2015 was indeed a great year for metal music and its sonic complementing visual art form music videos! If you haven’t already witnessed these masterpieces—head over to YouTube right away!

From Concept to Execution: The Evolution of Metal Music Videos in 2015

As the music industry continues to evolve towards digital distribution and streaming, metal has remained one of the few genres that still thrives on physical media and live performances. Even so, visuals continue to play an important role in the overall presentation of heavy music, especially with the rise of online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. In 2015, metal videos went through a major evolution in terms of concept and execution, showcasing creative ideas that pushed boundaries and challenged conventions.

One key trend was the use of narrative storytelling in metal videos. While some bands have used this approach before (such as Black Sabbath’s legendary “Iron Man” video), 2015 saw a surge in ambitious projects that mixed music and cinema together in compelling ways. One standout example is Ghost’s “Cirice,” which tells the story of a young girl who discovers magical powers after attending one of their concerts. With its dark fairytale imagery and memorable characters, “Cirice” captured fans’ imaginations and earned critical acclaim for its cinematic qualities.

Another shift in metal video production was towards high-budget effects and cinematography. As fans become more accustomed to HD-quality content on their home screens, many artists began investing in top-of-the-line equipment and talented crews to create truly stunning visuals. The Swedish band Sabaton’s “The Last Stand” is one such example; shot on location at a historic battlefield with real tanks and artillery, it brings their epic sound to life with breathtaking precision.

Metal videos also took risks by experimenting with nontraditional concepts or styles. Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Stage,” for instance, utilizes cutting-edge CGI animation to depict a dystopian future where rock bands perform in space for alien overlords. This innovative approach adds layers of meaning to their song lyrics while also showcasing technical skill rarely seen in the genre.

Finally, metal videos embraced social media through interactive features or viral campaigns aimed at engaging fans beyond traditional music promotion. Slipknot’s “Killpop,” for example, was part of a larger multimedia project that included viral marketing videos and an immersive website called the “Sithosphere.” By creating a multi-faceted experience for their fans, bands like Slipknot were able to boost engagement and interest in their music through innovative marketing strategies.

The evolution of metal music videos in 2015 demonstrates the genre’s continued relevance and creativity in the ever-changing digital landscape. From expansive narrative arcs to eye-popping visuals, these works showcase the ingenuity and passion of artists who strive to push the boundaries of what is possible. As metal continues to evolve and grow, it will be exciting to see how video production adapts and responds in turn.

Best Newcomers in the World of Metal Music Video-Making – Who Made our List for 2015?

The world of metal music has always been about pushing boundaries and breaking conventions, whether it’s through ear-splitting riffs, guttural vocals, or brutal breakdowns. But in recent years, there’s been a new trend emerging in the metal scene – the art of music video-making.

Gone are the days of cheaply made music videos, shot on shoestring budgets with little thought given to the visual aesthetics. Today’s metal bands are taking their music videos seriously, investing time and resources into creating cinematic masterpieces that do justice to the intensity and emotion of their music.

And while established names like Metallica or Slipknot continue to impress with their big-budget productions, it’s the newcomers who are really shaking up the game. Here are our picks for the best newcomers in the world of metal music video-making for 2015:

1. Code Orange – “Bleeding In The Blur”

Pittsburgh-based hardcore/metal band Code Orange have been making waves in the scene since their formation in 2008. But they truly cemented their status as one of modern metal’s most innovative acts with their latest album Forever (2017). The album was accompanied by an equally striking collection of videos that explored themes ranging from youth subcultures to mental illness.

Of all those visuals though,”Bleeding In The Blur” remains perhaps one of Forever’s finest offerings wasn’t even released as a single but stands out due to its captivating blend of nostalgia-tinged imagery and raw performances.

2. Vein – “Virus://Vibrance”

Boston-based hardcore quintet Vein exploded onto the scene last year with their debut full-length Errorzone – an album that captured an intense live energy I hadn’t heard on recording before. They were often categorized as nu-metal revivalists – something they pushed back against vocally – however tracks like”Virus://Vibrance”are pure metal.

The striking visual takes a fragmented and trippy approach to its shots, with distorted close-ups of veins and disjointed flashes of color reflecting the track’s turbulent sound. The whole video borders on uncomfortable, but that only serves to make it more effective.

3. Alien Weaponry – “Kai Tangata”

Alien Weaponry are unique in many ways – they’re a New Zealand-based thrash metal band and they have written their songs almost entirely opened up about their indigenous Maori culture. That makes the accompanying music video for “Kai Tangata” even more significant as it features the trio performing among historic ruins and screaming their way through lyrics that pay tribute to their ancestors.

Visually stunning throughout,it culminates in one especially powerful moment where members Henry de Jong and Lewis de Jong chant while bathed in red lighting, a nod to the Maori practice of haka war dances

Metal music video-making has come a long way since Headbangers Ball first graced our screens all those years ago. With impressive offerings like these newcomers as evidence, it looks like 2021 is set to be another great year for heavy visuals.