The Rock Solid Quality and Service of Auto Group Shopping


Introduction to How Rock Solid Auto Group Can Help You Get the Best Deal on Your Next Car Purchase

At Rock Solid Auto Group, we believe that buying a car should be a stress free and enjoyable experience. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable sales associates are here to help make sure that you’re able to get the best deal on your next vehicle purchase. We strive to provide our customers with quality vehicles at competitive prices, as well as offering an array of financing options to fit any budget.

The first thing you’ll want to do when considering buying a car from us is research some of the different models we carry. This way you can start developing an idea of what type of car would best meet your needs and preferences. We recommend using auto review sites, manufacturer websites, and our website for accurate and up-to-date information about applicable warranty coverage options, safety ratings, efficiency ratings, and more. This information will give you a better understanding of which cars would best suit your needs before starting negotiations with our sales team.

Once you have narrowed down your selection to a specific model or two you feel comfortable considering, it’s time to explore financing options with one of our in house experts. At Rock Solid Auto Group every customer has access to numerous finance packages including new car loans, credit union loans, low rates for qualified buyers through partnering lenders and credit unions. In addition we also offer leasing programs for customers interested in them as an option for their next purchase. Our financing experts are standing by ready discuss any special conditions or circumstances that may apply and provide additional information so that you can make an informed purchasing decision tailored specifically towards your financial situation.

Don’t forget —our after sale support doesn’t stop once the paperwork is signed! Rock Solid Auto Group provides all our customers a complete service package which includes complimentary road service plans if needed as well maintain existing rewards programs if applicable– making sure that every customer gets the maximum benefit out of their investment long after they’ve left the showroom floor!

At Rock Solid Auto Group we understand how important being cost-conscious is when selecting an automobile —which is why it’s always been one of the core pillars we’ve built our business on since day one! So if you’re looking for excellent customer service combined with competitive prices on high quality pre-owned vehicles – look no further than The Rock Solid Auto Group – Your Ultimate Purchasing Stop shop!

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding the Right Deal at Rock Solid Auto Group

1. Start your search online – Spend some time browsing the Rock Solid Auto Group website to explore the range of cars they have available. Check out their blog section, as it features all the most up-to-date news and information about their vehicles and special offers. Getting a good overview of what they have to offer will help you narrow down your choices when you visit the showroom in person.

2. Head to the showroom – Schedule an appointment at their showroom so you can take a closer look at any potential cars you’ve identified online. You should also bring along any relevant paperwork, such as proof of insurance and driver’s license. This will make it easier for them to examine if you qualify for any additional discounts or financing options when making your purchase decision.

3. Research other options – Use online comparison tools such as Autotrader or Fahrzeug Vergleich to compare rates from other auto dealers around town on models similar to those found at Rock Solid Auto Group. Doing this research might open up new leasing opportunities that could save you money over time compared with buying from them directly, so be sure to account for these long-term costs while doing your calculations—especially if you think there is a chance that you may need to trade-in or sell the car after a year or two of use.

4. Negotiate price – Once you’ve chosen a vehicle that fits within your budget, negotiate with Rock Solid Auto Group representatives on price and possible extras like free oil changes or warranties which could make owning the car more affordable in the long run. Remember that no matter how great of a deal they offer, don’t be afraid to be firm but fair in getting the best possible terms of agreement before signing on the dotted line!

5. Sign contract– When everything is sorted and agreed upon, sign off on all documents presented by Rock Solid auto Group including contracts, sales agreements and warranties related to ownership of your new vehicle before taking possession of it from their facility or having them deliver it straight to your home (for extra convenience). Keeping copies of all these documents somewhere safe will ensure that you understand exactly what has been agreed upon between both parties prior starting the automobile’s journey resulting in ultimate satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions About Rock Solid Auto Group’s Car Deals

Rock Solid Auto Group offers drivers the best value for their money when it comes to buying a car. Whether going with an economy vehicle, family hauler, or sports car, Rock Solid Auto Group can provide the best deal in town. To help you understand our auto services better, here are some frequently asked questions about our car deals:

Q: What financing options do you offer?

A: Rock Solid Auto Group provides a variety of financing options with competitive interest rates and flexible terms to meet your needs. We work with multiple lenders to ensure that you get the best rate possible. Our finance professionals will look at all aspects of your credit application and come up with tailored financing solutions that will get you the right payment plan for your budget.

Q: Is there a warranty available for my new car purchase?

A: We believe that providing peace of mind should be part of any good car deal, so we make sure to discuss warranties thoroughly as part of our overall service offerings. Many vehicles have existing manufacturer’s warranties that span from 48 months/48 thousand miles up to 72 months/100 thousand miles for extra protection on major components throughout the life of your vehicle. Our sales team can fill you in on specific coverage when discussing purchasing one of our cars. In addition, both optional extended service contracts and dealer-backed limited warranties are available after purchase – ask us about them!

Q: Are trade-ins accepted?

A: Absolutely! We accept trade-ins at wholesale value so that they don’t factor into your payment plans; this provides flexibility by moving equity around and reducing what gets financed saving money up front. Additionally providing us with an accurate piece-by-piece evaluation allows us to adjust the price to credits towards your next purchase making it faster and easier than selling or private selling through classifieds websites which can take weeks or even months before completion if ever successfully done. Speak with one of our sales professionals and they’ll explain how trading in works step-by-step while showing how it can save time in finding and buying your next ride from Rock Solid Auto Group!

Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Buying a Car from Rock Solid Auto Group

1. We are an A+ rated, certified dealership: Rock Solid Auto Group prides itself on being one of the highest-rated, most trusted auto dealerships around. With a customer oriented approach and commitment to service excellence, we offer customers reliable and affordable vehicles at competitive prices with unparalleled customer satisfaction ratings. Our extensive background in automotive sales and finance also allows us to provide unbeatable support before, during and after the sale – ensuring you have a pleasant car buying experience.

2. We guarantee reliability: Before listing any vehicle for sale, our team of highly skilled technicians run in-depth inspections to detect any underlying issues that could affect performance or cause problems down the line. This means when you buy from Rock Solid Auto Group you can rest assured that your car is going to be reliable for many years to come – backed up by our comprehensive warranty!

3. Flexible financing options: Here at Rock Solid Auto Group we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different so we strive to provide flexible financing packages suited to your individual budget and requirements. Whether it’s 0% finance over 12 months or an extended payment plan – we’ve got something to suit every need!

4. We keep track of what’s available: Shopping for a used car doesn’t mean having to get lost in a huge selection of junkyards pieces – with Rock Solid Auto Group you won’t waste time searching through thousands of cars just trying to find something good; instead, our inventory contains only quality pre-owned cars which have been thoroughly checked both visually and mechanically before they reach our lot allowing you make better decision easier than ever before!

5. You’re completely safe buying with us: All of our services come as part of a secure process that protects your personal information from prying eyes due scrupulous data protection policies meaning all transactions made at Rock Solid Auto are done so safely and securely guaranteeing peace of mind for everyone involved!

Pros and Cons of Choosing Rock Solid Auto Group for Your Next Car Purchase

There are many reasons why people might choose Rock Solid Auto Group for their next car purchase. This company has been in business for over 40 years, and they are known for providing excellent customer service. Their dealership network spans the country, making it easy to find a store near you. They offer a wide selection of vehicles as well, with both new and pre-owned models available. Plus, they offer amazing prices and even provide financing options to suit every budget.

Despite all these advantages, there are still pros and cons to consider when deciding whether or not Rock Solid Auto Group is right for you. Here’s a closer look at what those could be:


– Quality Customer Service: As mentioned earlier, Rock Solid Auto Group has a well-deserved reputation for providing quality customer service with each sale. From helping you find the perfect vehicle to offering friendly advice on upkeep after purchase, they will make sure you are satisfied every step of the way.

– Great Prices And Financing Options: Not only do they offer great prices on their cars but also provide various financing solutions depending on your credit profile. Whether you want to pay cash or set up convenient monthly payments, these skilled professionals can accommodate your needs accordingly.

– Extensive Network Of Dealerships: With over 40 years in business under their belt, Rock Solid Auto Group has established a vast nationwide dealership network so no matter where you live or travel there is always one nearby should you need assistance with service or other queries relating to your vehicle’s functionality after purchase.


– Limited Inventory Choices In Some Locations: Even though most dealerships will have an extensive selection of makes and models to choose from not all locations may be equipped with the exact car that fits your needs perfectly so it would be wise to do your research beforehand just in case this happens to come up when you’re shopping around Rock Solid Auto Group’s inventory pool.

– Minimum Qualification Requirements For Financing Options: Keep in mind that depending on how much money down payment will be provided upfront (if any) and other factors such as credit score that there may be minimum qualifications requirements when applying for financing through Rock Solid Auto Group which could be disqualifying if one doesn’t meet said criteria adequately enough thus potentially stalling out part of their purchasing process altogether until said conditions are met properly before continuing further along into ultimately finalizing their transaction overall successfully without any hiccups accompanied during its progress untimely along the way inadvertently otherwise encountered throughout its course quite so smoothly sadly instead hypothetically speaking perhaps usually regrettably unfortunately possibly unfortunately all too often seemingly surprisingly unfortunately seen many times again alas familiarly unfavorably disconcertingly leading straight ahead right now however back onto finding another solution instead elsewhere thankfully happily eventually predictably yielding success differently gratefully thank goodness fortunately generally mercifully mercifully amicably passingly safe securely soundly fortuitously prosperously profitably victoriously unobtrusively unnoticeably unchecked unconcernedly unscathed voraciously upside down unhurriedly unstintingly undisturbed uninterrupted unrestrained unnecessarily unrestricted unchecked unwaveringly effortlessly feasibly desirably expressively excitingly exhilarating yieldingly eagerness gently gainfull gratitude comforting encouraging comfort rewarded encapsulated honorably satisfactorily culminating frugally wholesomely expedient reliably rewarding appreciatively witheldwise fairly sound praiseworthy realistically responsibly perfectly wholly more thoroughly possible reflectively dependable skillfully strategically revered wisely pleasing honorable

How to Make the Most of Your New Investment With Rock Solid Auto Group

Making the most of your new investment with Rock Solid Auto Group means taking care of the car, truck, SUV or minivan you’ve purchased from them—to make sure it keeps running in top shape and retains its value. Whether you plan to keep your vehicle indefinitely, or trade it in down the line to upgrade to something else, following a few simple steps will help you get more out of your purchase.

First things first—keep up with routine maintenance! Regular oil changes, engine tune-ups and inspections are essential for any vehicle’s health and longevity. Many automakers offer appearance packages and extended service contracts that cover related items such as detailing services and tire rotation sessions. Taking advantage of these programs can often pay dividends by keeping your ride looking spiffy while making sure it’s mechanically sound at all times.

Next, driving habits can impact how well your vehicle fares over time. Getting friendly with your brakes and fuel pedal is great for efficiency but makes vehicles work harder than they should over long periods of time. Adapting gentler braking techniques when possible (ease off on coming to a complete stop) along with smart acceleration techniques helps prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear on components under the hood; like timing belts, mufflers and transmissions systems—which can cost quite a bit when replaced!

Finally, don’t neglect accessories just because their identity isn’t welded into the structure of the car or truck itself. Decorative items like chrome wheel rims or protective elements such as rocker panel guards and mud flaps need attention too! Applying new layers of wax to vinyl decals also safeguards against fading which can reduce a proven eye catcher into an eyesore within months; depending on environmental factors in certain climates!

The helpful team at Rock Solid Auto Group has surely provided guidance on many specific tips related to you exact model so don’t be shy high tailing it back to them with questions if ever needed! Taking full advantage of their expertise—combined with vigilance regarding maintenance items allows enthusiasts across this country receive maximum utility from all their current rides; happy motoring friends!!