The Unforgettable 80s: A Look Back at the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985


Introduction to the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985: Origin and Background

The English alternative rock group formed in 1985 were the brainchild of two school friends, Ian Brown and John Squire. Forming out of their shared love for punk and post-punk music acts such as The Clash and Joy Division, the pair quickly established themselves as an influential part of Manchester’s thriving music scene. With a plethora of musical influence, ranging from American hardcore to British alternatives, the two set about crafting an unmistakably distinct sound that would soon be known and loved worldwide.

Originally known as ‘The Patrol’, Brown and Squire decided to change their name to ‘The Stone Roses’ upon signing their first record deal with record label FM Revolver in 1989. Taking inspiration from the former garage band, which was comprised solely of both Brown and Squire, they chose this moniker to represent the aggressive but creative attitude they sought to share with their audience. Since releasing their first single ‘Elephant Stone’, it became rapidly apparent that The Stone Roses had something special; being described in potential reviews prior to its release as bringing “an impressionistic wall of psychedelic sound”.

This unique sound not only made waves on radio playlists around Europe but also allowed them access into many other aspects of culture too; fashion, movie soundtracks and most importantly festivals – which led them to headline V Festival in 1995 alongside Pulp. Through these various elements their success soon spread across the Atlantic into America; allowing them a level of influence not seen by any British Indie bands before them at the time . At one point during the 2000s they even managed 4 concurrent Top 5 tracks within UK singles charts – achieving success which has yet to be repeated in years since. Ultimately though it was their music that cemented them into stardom: a powerful combination electric guitar lines enhanced through real-world scenarios crafted within intelligent lyrics delivered by a unique voice that left no doubt why The Stone Roses (still) continue – after almost 35 years – to inspire new generations today

Step by Step Guide on How the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985

Rock music has been around for decades and continues to influence popular culture with its distinct sound, rebellion and energy. The English alternative rock group that formed in 1985 was no exception. To gain a better understanding of how this band came together, let’s take a look at the step by step guide on their formation.

The story of this English alternative rock group began in Manchester when a few college friends discovered they had similar musical interests and decided to come together in pursuit of creating their own sound. After recruiting two additional members, they moved towards forming a band and finding other like-minded musicians to join.

Having found the ideal lineup, the members then focused on honing their craft and diversifying their tastes in order to discover what kind of music they wanted to create. This exploration led them towards developing an edgy yet melodic sound that would become iconic for them. Rehearsing for many hours each day, the members wrote and composed numerous songs which eventually became the debut album an eager audience was craving.

Finding inspiration from other rock groups such as Joy Division and The Smiths, but also incorporating elements from funk and punk genres created added complexity to their signature songs admired worldwide today

FAQs about the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985

What is the name of the English alternative rock group formed in 1985?

The English alternative rock group that was formed in 1985 is called The Cure. Rolling Stone Magazine deemed it one of the greatest bands of all time and they continue to influence indie and mainstream music alike. They are best known for their hit singles “Friday I’m in Love,” “Boys Don’t Cry,” and “Just Like Heaven.”

How many members were part of the original lineup for The Cure?

The original lineup for The Cure included five members: Robert Smith (lead singer, guitar, keyboards), Porl Thompson (guitar, saxophone), Lol Tolhurst (keyboards, drums from 1984-1989), Micheal Dempsey (bass) and Simon Gallup (bass from 1978-1982).

Who are some of the notable producers that have worked with The Cure?

The Cure have worked with a number of renowned producers over their career including Mike Hedges, Dave Allen, Tim Pope and Mark Saunders.

What genres does The Cure incorporate into their sound?

New wave, post punk, gothic rock and pop are some of the genres The Cure incorporate into their sound. They often blend these styles together creating a unique sonic experience that has appealed to a wide range of fans all around the world.

Top 5 Facts about the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985

1. The English alternative rock group formed in 1985 went by the name of “The Cure.” The band is one of the most influential and successful rock bands of all time, having sold over 27 million albums in their lengthy career. They were able to establish a distinct sound throughout their discography that blended elements from new wave, punk and pop for a distinct sound that was trademarked as “dark romanticism,” which centered around lead singer Robert Smith’s increasingly gloomy lyrics.

2. Throughout their impressive musical run, The Cure achieved considerable success with 36 singles charting on the UK Singles Chart including 8 top 10 hits and 15 making it into the top 40. Additionally, they have achieved 13 top 10 studio albums on Billboard 200 with their 1996 album Wild Mood Swings being certified Double Platinum in the US alone and over 3 million copies sold worldwide.

3. Apart from selling millions of records and achieving an iconic status within alternative rock music, The Cure were also praised for some of their live performances which included headlining landmark events such as Glastonbury 1989 or opening up for festivals like Live Aid at Wembley Stadium in 1985 alongside legendary acts such as Queen, David Bowie amongst many others.

4. As part of recognizing the importance that The Cure has had within rock music, they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame solo artists category after more than 30 years being active within the industry while they also got awarded with 6 BRIT Awards nominations throughout years 2000 to 2011 – winning one in 2004 under “international group” category – while founding member Robert Smith won an Ivor Novello award In 2003 for outstanding songwriter award among others achievements.

5. Not only can we admire landmark songs such as Just Like Heaven” or “Lovesong” among many other timeless classic compositions across all of genres but we mustn’t forget about some popular covers recorded by modern day acts like Adele (“Lovesong”), Ryan Adams (“Lovecats”) Taylor Swift (“SKi Fast Angles Fire” or Boy George (Close To Me). These are just few examples that prove how huge influences this particular band forged upon many generations of musicians forever changing how we perceive popular music today which makes them gigantic force within our cultural history

Impact and Legacy of the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985

The English alternative rock group formed in 1985, known as The Cure, has had a massive cultural impact and legacy since its inception. Its unique combination of gloomy lyrics, catchy songs and “gothic” style have made them one of the most influential bands in history, setting trends for both music and fashion.

For starters, The Cure pioneered the “gothic” subgenre in music. They adopted the darker, darker dress styles from the punk scene but added a more melancholy element to their sound. Their heavy use of synthesizers and distinct vocals created a haunting quality that lay outside of other genres of music popular at the time period like punk or new wave. As a result, The Cure became instrumental in introducing goth to mainstream media as well as inspiring countless bands which brought about two major revolutions in post-punk genre: shoegaze and emo.

In addition to creating a new sound, The Cure also left an indelible mark on fashion through their moody aesthetics and black clothing ensembles. Those who followed them adapted these looks into what we now know today as the “Goth” look; veering away from the traditional biker jacket-clad punk crowd was just one example of their influence on culture at large. Moreover, it showcased how charismatic frontman Robert Smith was able to singlehandedly help bridge multiple styles together whilst captivating millions around the world with his performance art over three decades later still resonates with many today..

The legacy and impact left by The Cure resonates until today because they showed that there is an artistic power behind being yourself and accepted for who you are – something heavily embraced by current generations all over Silicon Valley socialites’ circles. In essence, they are celebrated not only because they changed everything before them musically – they remain even now an inspiration for future musicians looking to explore experimentation without fear or prejudice thanks mainly to Robert Smith’s outstanding leadership qualities while pioneering this signature style early on during their career despite so much opposition surrounding them in their respective time period..

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Concluding Remarks on Revisting the Legacy of the English Alternative Rock Group Formed in 1985

At the end of the day, it is clear that revisiting the legacy of the English alternative rock group formed in 1985 has taught us some valuable lessons. In addition to uncovering a range of ingeniously crafted songs, we found that this band embodied a spirit of experimentation and adventure in their creative approach which still resonates with listeners today. This can be seen in their innovative use of instrumentation and lyrical expression throughout their discography, which continues to draw fans from all corners of the globe. Even after more than 30 years have passed since the original formation of this beloved group, it is clear that its music will remain timeless for many generations yet to come.