Unleashing the Best New Metal Music of 2016: A Must-Listen Guide


A Step by Step Guide to Creating New Metal Music in 2016

Metal is an ever-evolving genre of music, and with 2016 coming to a close, it’s time to carve out your own niche in the world of metal. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this step-by-step guide will help you create new metal music that resonates with fans and takes your career to the next level.

Step 1: Pick Your Sub-genre
There are countless sub-genres of metal to choose from, each with their own distinct sound and tone. Decide which sub-genre fits best with your vision for your music; death metal? Black metal? Power metal? Thrash metal? The choice is yours. Once you’ve settled on a sub-genre, familiarize yourself with its defining traits and instrumentation.

Step 2: Define Your Concept
Metal is all about pushing boundaries – so think outside the box when it comes to developing concepts for your music. Take inspiration from literature, history, mythology or personal struggles. The more unique and offbeat the concept is- the better!

Step 3: Tune Your Instruments
Your instruments are the tools that will bring life to your concept in ways no other medium can do justice. Pay attention to how they work together as a unit along with individual performance.Transpose guitar riffs until they sound like one coherent entity arranged perfectly for maximum impact before delving deeper into more intricate details/tones along with percussive/bass foundation.The production quality should be exceptional-create demos & samples using virtual synthesizers etc., arranging parts until every note falls into place.

Step 4: Embrace Technology
Incorporating technology such as synth samples mixed in through tracks offers significant benefits that can add depth and variety within songs.Connecting audiences emotionally by either enhancing or contrasting lyrical content.Such variations provide greater flexibility with timing/tempo changes during breaks.

Step 5: Craft lyrics
A powerful narrative makes great metal stand out, and lyrics full of despair, anger, or any intense emotion can be a fantastic way to connect with your audience. Draw inspiration from your favourite artists or from real life events/dramatic stories to lend authenticity to your music.

Step 6: Deliver a energetic live performance
With the internet being instrumental in how music is consumed and critiqued these days, an unforgettable live show can set metal bands apart. Metal concerts rely on energy and spectacle; capture that essence by incorporating visual effects like pyrotechnics or stage props.

By following these six steps step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to crafting music that will leave a lasting impact on listeners who are searching for fresh heavy sounds. Don’t shy away from experimenting with unusual sounds,cross-genre pollination & innovating within sub-genres as metal allows for an immense amount of flexibility when it comes to playing around with form.Additionally,a great way towards achieving success is perseverance coupled with relentless touring topped by an unrelenting belief in your artistic vision!

FAQs About the Latest Trends in New Metal Music in 2016

If you’re a fan of heavy music, or metal in particular, you might have noticed some changes and novelties going on in the scene over the last year. Whether it’s new subgenres emerging, established bands evolving their sound, or fresh blood making an impact with their debut releases, there are plenty of exciting developments to keep you hooked. But what exactly are these latest trends in new metal music in 2016? Let’s dive into some FAQs to find out.

Q: What are some of the coolest subgenres gaining popularity right now?

A: One of the most talked-about subgenres is djent, which originated from progressive metal and refers to heavily syncopated guitar riffs with a distinct tone that mimics a digital glitch. Bands like Periphery, TesseracT and Animals As Leaders have become significant players within the djent sphere thanks to their complex song structures and technical prowess. Another niche that’s growing is atmospheric black metal – a blend of cold tremolo-picked guitars, ethereal keyboards and black-metal screams that creates an immersive sonic landscape. Acts like Deafheaven and Alcest are leading the charge for atmospheric black metal as they manage to combine aggression with twinkling beauty.

Q: Are any classic bands reinventing themselves with new sounds or concepts?

A: Yes! Metallica has been teasing fans with details about their upcoming album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct”, which features a return-to-roots approach that echoes their early thrash days while also incorporating more melodic sensibilities. Meanwhile, Opeth has completed its transition from death metal pioneers to prog-rock ambassadors with “Sorceress”, showcasing frontman Mikael Akerfeldt’s love for ’70s heavy rock along with jazzy interludes and lush harmonies.

Q: Who are some newcomers that we should pay attention to?

A: There are lots of exciting young bands making their mark on the metal world right now. Code Orange, a hardcore outfit from Pittsburgh, are gaining a reputation for their ferocious live shows and innovative blend of punk, metal and electronica. Zeal & Ardor, a one-man project from Swiss-American musician Manuel Gagneux, combines traditional slave songs with black metal tropes and catchy choruses to create something wholly unique. If you’re into groove-oriented music with a Southern twist that brings to mind Pantera and Clutch, then you should check out Scorpion Child – this Austin-based band is sure to make waves with their retro-fueled sound.

Q: Is there anything else happening in the scene that we should know about?

A: Well, besides all these interesting bands and subgenres appearing on the horizon, there are some ongoing controversies within the metal community that still need addressing. Issues of sexism, racism and other forms of discrimination have been hot topics lately as more musicians speak out against intolerant attitudes or actions within the scene. Additionally, some people have criticized the genre for becoming too conservative in terms of politics or social values that don’t align with modern ideals. However, many artists have responded by using their music as a platform for progressive activism or challenging stereotypes about what “metal” means.

Overall, it’s an exciting time for new metal music in 2016 as established acts continue to surprise us with fresh ideas while up-and-comers push boundaries even further. By keeping an ear out for different subgenres and following your favorite bands wherever they lead you (even if it’s outside your comfort zone), you can be part of this thriving culture that rewards adventure and innovation above all else.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About the Hottest New Metal Music of 2016

Are you a fan of heavy metal music? Do you want to stay on top of the latest trends in the industry? Well, look no further my fellow music enthusiasts, because we have got you covered with the hottest new metal music of 2016. Here are the top five facts that every hardcore metalhead needs to know about.

1. The Rise of Djent: Djent is a subgenre that has been steadily gaining popularity within the metal community over recent years. This unique sound is characterized by heavily distorted guitar riffs and polyrhythmic drum patterns, creating a complex and intricate sound. Bands such as Periphery, Tesseract and Animals As Leaders have taken this to another level, infusing electronic elements into their tracks resulting in something quite spectacular.

2. Metal Goes Mainstream: For decades metal had always been considered an alternative form of music, often misunderstood or ignored by mainstream radio stations and media houses alike. However recently bands like Ghost and Opeth have found commercial success with their albums hitting number one on Billboard charts worldwide.

3. Old School Revival: Heavy Metal Legends such as Megadeth and Metallica made successful comebacks in 2016 with hits such as ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Hardwired…To Self-Destruct’. Testament released their 11th album titled Brotherhood of the Snake which has been praised for staying true to classic thrash.

4. Genre Blending Takes Center Stage: While some metal purists may not agree with it, many new bands these days blend multiple genres from different eras creating unique sounds which give the much-needed freshness right now. Cattle Decapitation’s latest release ‘The Anthropocene Extinction’ fuses death-metal elements with hints progressive rock while Twelve Foot Ninja crosses through jazz fusion elements seamlessly in their album ‘Outlier’

5. The Female Voice Emerges Stronger Than Ever Before: Female vocalists like Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation and Alissa White-Gluz formerly of The Agonist, have gained great following for their unique vocal styles. Secondly, bands such as Huntress and Jinjer led by Jill Janus and Tatiana Shmailyuk respectively challenge the stereotypes that women cannot be hardcore front people.

In conclusion, 2016 provided an array of new perspectives on where metal music can go in future. From Djent to Genre blending to female empowerment as well as legends making successful comebacks with refreshing sounds, it’s pretty safe to say heavy metal is not going anywhere soon. Keep an ear out for what’s next!

Insight Into How New Metal Music is Changing the Scene in 2016

Metal music has been around for decades, and yet it continues to evolve and change with every passing year. In 2016, we have seen some exciting new bands emerging onto the scene, pushing the boundaries of what metal music can be.

One of the most notable developments in new metal music this year is the increasing trend towards genre-bending. Many new bands are fusing together elements from different genres, creating a unique sound that defies traditional categorization. For example, bands like Vulfpeck are incorporating funk and soul influences into their brand of metal music, while Zeal & Ardor blend black metal with slave spirituals for a hauntingly original result.

Another interesting development is the growing presence of female musicians in metal. While women have been part of the metal scene for years, they are now starting to break down barriers and lead their own successful bands. Acts like Spiritbox and Jinjer not only have powerful women at the helm but also bring a fresh sound to the genre with their emotional vocals and dynamic instrumentals.

In addition to these shifts within specific bands or sub-genres, there is also a wider trend towards more diverse representation in terms of race and sexual orientation within the broader metal community. This inclusivity extends beyond just performers but also penetrates who gets supported by popular media publications such as Metal Injection.

What’s even more exciting about these changes is how they reflect a larger cultural shift taking place around ideas like intersectionality and understanding diversity which will likely motivate audiences that had previously been underrepresented by mainstream media outlets.

As we move further into 2021/2022., we can expect more experimentation to take center stage with innovative collaborations across wide range genres such as rap/hip-hop mashed with rock/metal sounds becoming more prevalent than ever before! However if history has taught us anything it’s that these unexpected milestones help mould metal into something boundless while proving it continues to be one of the most creative and exciting genres of popular music today.

Upcoming Bands and Must-Hear Tracks for Fans of New Metal in 2016

Welcome metalheads, it’s time to gather around because we’re about to introduce you to some of the hottest upcoming bands that are taking over the music scene in 2016. These bands have been carving their niche in the genre by incorporating a fresh sound with elements of diverse genres such as alternative and electronic.

First on our list is Wage War – an American metalcore outfit from Ocala, Florida. Their debut album “Blueprints” released in November 2015 was well-received by critics and fans alike. With brutal breakdowns, catchy hooks, and soaring clean choruses, they’ve managed to create a sound that embodies both aggression and melody. Tracks like “Alive” and “Youngbloods” showcase what Wage War brings to new metal – youthful energy with emotional depth.

Next up is Aviana – a Swedish melodic hardcore/metalcore band who recently signed with SharpTone Records (home of We Came As Romans). Aviana takes a progressive approach towards songwriting while maintaining their heavy side with crushing breakdowns and intricate guitar work. Listen to their hit single “Infinite Reef” for chills down your spine!

You also don’t want to miss Discrepancies – a unique group hailing from St.Louis combining rap/hip-hop with nu-metal effectively. This combo might seem strange at first glance but give them a chance before jumping into conclusions! Their fusion provides listeners something fresh which hasn’t been attempted often enough within this genre – not since Kid Rock’s infamous “Bawitdaba” anyway! Some must-hear tracks include “Art Of War” & “Rock The Show”.

Cage9 is another band to keep on your radar this year – heavy stuff mixed with artsy pop-grunge dynamics creates its own imagery pushing its own shoe-string version of reality onto anyone caught listening long enough. While not purely considered Metal they are undoubtedly an act worth discovering through such tracks like “Oscuro” and “Everything You Love Will Someday Die”.

Finally, for those who appreciate the roots of the genre, Zeal & Ardor – a one-man project fused of metal blues with traditional American slave songs. This Swiss conglomerate play a highly creative mix blending elements of African-American spirituals with melodic lines that transport listeners to both darker days and deeper valleys. Check out tracks like “Devil is Fine” and “Blood in the River” to understand their true essence.

In conclusion, these five bands are definitely worth checking out this year if you’re looking for something fresh that breaks away from conventional boundaries of Metal music. All these acts challenge tradition and push forth spectrum making parts of new-metal history. So put on your headphones, hit play and get ready to be blown away!

The Rise of Women and Diversity In The New Metal Music Scene In 2016.

In the world of metal music, it’s no secret that the genre has been traditionally dominated by men. But in recent years, there has been a noticeable shift towards increased diversity and greater representation for women in the scene.

This rise can be attributed to a number of factors, including the growing importance of inclusivity and equality across all industries, as well as a renewed focus on giving underrepresented groups a voice.

One of the most significant drivers of this trend has been the emergence of prominent female metal musicians who have achieved widespread acclaim and commercial success. Bands like Huntress, In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Arch Enemy and Otep have struck a chord with audiences thanks to their fierce talent and boundary-pushing performances.

Their success is inspiring more females to pursue careers in metal music – something that was once seen as taboo or unfeminine. Today’s up-and-coming artists are energizing their fan base through venues like YouTube channels which connect them directly with audiences around the world.

Female representation is not limited to just vocalists; there are now numerous women proving themselves within every aspect of making modern rock music – from instrumentalists playing drums, bass or guitar through producing albums or releasing singles independently via services like DistroKid offered by

Another factor driving diversity is an increase in artists from different ethnic backgrounds who bring fresh perspectives to traditional genres. The wider cultural context reflected in metal enables outsiders’ voices into what might have once felt one-note – breathing fresh energy into everything they touch – this leads to crossover appeal since they offer unique takes not typically heard elsewhere.

Metal fanbases are also generally seen as some of the most passionate out there. They’re fiercely loyal when bands connect with them on a personal level – either message-driven lyrics about experiences that many young people face today such as depression, anxiety or addiction issues; or just catchy riffs filled with emotional depth that invites sing-alongs crowd-wide.

But the industry still has a lot of ground to cover in terms of greater diversity and inclusivity. There is still a significant underrepresentation of people of color within the genre, something that many black musicians have spoken on – citing experiences of systemic racism both on- and off-stage.

But despite these challenges, it’s clear that female metal musicians and other marginalized groups are making their mark on the scene like never before. As fans rally around these artists, we can expect even more exciting developments to come in 2017 and beyond. The musical landscape continues to evolve rapidly bringing greater depth and undiscovered territory than ever before!