Unleashing the Best New Metal Music of 2019: A Must-Listen Guide


How to Discover the Best New Metal Music of 2019

If you are a fan of heavy, hard-hitting music, you are most probably always on the lookout for the latest metal tunes that would satisfy your craving for a sound that is both powerful and satisfying. 2019 has been an amazing year for metal music – with some revolutionary new bands releasing captivating sounds that we cannot get enough of. However, with countless new tracks and albums getting launched all the time, it can often be a challenge to sift through it all and discover top-quality gems. So, here’s how to uncover the best new metal music of 2019 like a true pro.

1) Follow Spotify Playlists
Spotify is one of the biggest streaming platforms globally- hence making it more likely to have so much content to choose from. If you want to keep up with all the latest songs releases from both new and established artists alike, then browsing playlists from popular metal publications such as Metal Hammer or Revolver Magazine can help you out significantly. These curated lists feature new tracks from every genre imaginable – including hardcore, death metal and post-punk – giving you exposure to a lot of different styles of heavy sounds.

2) Browse Bandcamp
Bandcamp is another excellent platform where musicians can upload their music directly without any professionals curating them thus providing lots of underground gems waiting to be discovered by eagle-eyed fans like yourself. Here you will find an endless selection of obscure bands who haven’t yet made their name but still have unique talents worth discovering.

3) Follow Metal Blogs
There are tonnes of blogs dedicated specifically to covering every aspect of this exciting world while also promoting quality tunes worth checking out such as Invisible Oranges or Decibel Magazine. Here knowledgeable writers share their opinions about which specific songs or artists they believe warrant recognition offering brighter insights on particular genres boosting your chances in experiencing diverse selections.

4) Attend Live Shows
A true test in determining if you really love an artist will involve seeing them live. Live shows allow you to experience a personal connection with the music and to cultivate an even deeper understanding of their sound, that may not have been clear through just listening online. We all have our favorite concert venues but I recommend taking intervals and stepping into unfamiliar ones where new experiences can be found.

5) Join Social Media Groups
Lastly, you can join Facebook groups related to metal music where fans enthusiastic about the genre congregate daily to share bits of news including upcoming album releases or recommended gigs making it easier for you to keep abreast with what is going on in the scene

In summary, discovering top-quality metal songs is easy once you know precisely what platforms will serve better in getting access. From following curated playlists on Spotify, browsing websites like Bandcamp or blogs such as Invisible Oranges, attending live performances or joining fan groups from social media; one can quickly discover new sounds by sampling similar bands selected by curbed professionals who provide witty comments about these previously undiscovered heavy tunes – whether emerging stars or underground talent waiting to be discovered – experiment away with every avenue at your disposal when exploring the world of Metal Music!

Step by Step Guide to Finding New Metal Bands in 2019

If you are a metalhead, finding new bands can be an exciting and thrilling experience. With the massive amount of content available online and offline in 2019, it is sometimes overwhelming to narrow down what to listen to. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide to help you discover new metal bands in 2019.

Step One: Define Your Taste

Before setting out on your quest for new music, ask yourself – what types of metal do I love listening to? Power metal? Death metal? Black metal? Thrash? Symphonic Metal?
Once you have identified your preferred sub-genre(s), then it’s easier to search for music that will be more appealing to you. This helps save time and energy while giving an ample opportunity to sample potential finds.

Step Two: Get Connected

After defining your taste profile, it’s time now to connect with other fans online or offline who share the same interest as you. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook groups, Reddit communities such as r/Metal and streaming sites such as Twitch can help find like-minded people close by or from around the world who may suggest new bands based on their passions.

Getting involved with forums discussing various genres also exposes individuals interested in discovering newer heavy music categories through conversations with others.

Step Three: Check Out Review Sites

Numerous heavy music review websites are dedicated exclusively to writing detailed reviews of recent album releases within specific genres that focus on various facets- melody, lyrics or even production skills.

Some of these well-known review avenues include Sputnikmusic and MetalSucks whose moderators usually assent that both upcoming talents mixed with established front runners featuring diverse sounds/styles should always get equal review exposure.

While visiting these sites “best-of” lists can aid uncover some hidden gemstone music styles that might not have been discovered without extensive reading into knowledgeable opinions.

Step Four: Attend Music Festivals

Indeed, music festivals across the globe always showcase numerous artists and usually are a mecca of discovery for most music enthusiasts.

Summer festivals like Hellfest, Wacken Open Air to name but two renowned fests draw some of the best metal bands worldwide bringing together and also introducing emerging musicians in a communal atmosphere.

Online research on festival lineups typically reveal new upcoming groups that blend into audiences’ common favorites. Making a plan to attend these shows can give an opportunity to discover lesser-known acts within your favorite genre(s).

Step Five: Explore Music Streaming Platforms

Finally diving into major streaming sites like Spotify (which has an impressive library with playlists edited by experts) or YouTube with its search functionality are platforms that let people listen to various songs from several genres of interest in recent years.

These platforms have sophisticated recommendation algorithms that suggest playlists based on song preferences allowing discovering newer bands or following related artists through links provided alternatively by the app itself or via user-generated playlists available online.


With this guide at hand, uncovering new metal bands requires adventure and ingenuity while exploring what different channels have got to offer. Engaging in forums discussions and joining relevant fan communities over social media is one way of getting connected with other fans who share similar interests as well as gaining knowledge about newer talents on the horizon who may not otherwise receive major press.

In today’s era of limitless options where people use technology every day, incorporating these strategies should make 2019 an exciting year for heavy music discovery!

New Metal Music 2019 FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

As we move into 2019, the world of heavy metal music is as vibrant and exciting as ever. With new releases from old stalwarts like Metallica and a wave of up-and-coming bands breaking onto the scene, there’s plenty to keep fans occupied.

But with so much happening in the world of metal, it can be tough to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve put together this FAQ to give you all the information you need about what’s going on in the world of new metal music in 2019.

Q: Who are some new bands I should be listening to?
A: There are plenty of fresh faces making waves in the metal scene right now. Some great options include Code Orange, who blend elements of hardcore punk with crushing sludge riffs; Elder, whose sprawling epics draw from classic prog rock but add their own modern twist; and Zeal & Ardor, who infuse black metal with gospel vocals and bluesy guitar runs.

Q: What long-time favorites have new albums coming out this year?

A: As always, there are some big names in the world of metal releasing new material in 2019. Iron Maiden has a live album scheduled for release early in the year, while Slipknot have confirmed that they’re currently working on a follow up to their 2014 album “.5: The Gray Chapter.”

Other notable releases include Candlemass’ “The Door To Doom” (featuring vocalist Johan Längqvist returning for his first full-length recording since fronting the band’s debut album back in 1986), However ,upcoming deathcore titans Whitechapel will be releasing “The Valley” through Metal Blade Records on March 29th.

Q: What festivals should I be looking forward to?
A: Festivals remain one of the best ways to experience a wide variety of metal acts over just a few days. Some of the biggest festivals in 2019 include Download Festival, taking place in the UK this June, and Hellfest Open Air, which draws massive crowds to France each year.

In North America, the well-renowned Wacken Open Air festival will be back for another round of heavy bands and enthusiastic hard rock/metal fans. Other notable festivals scheduled this year include Getaway Rock (Sweden), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic) and Copenhell (Denmark)

Q: What trends should I keep an ear out for?
A: Metal has always been a genre that’s constantly pushing boundaries, so there are always new trends emerging. Among them include an ongoing fascination with mixing metal and electronic music genres can be seen across many sub-niches of metal. Another trend of note is more bands incorporating elements of postrock or shoegaze into their sound as additional layers for songs’ melodies

Ultimately, there’s no one “correct” way to define what’s happening in the world of new metal music right now; it’s a genre defined by constant evolution and innovation. However , what is certain is that 2019 promises to be yet another great year for headbangers everywhere!

Top 5 Facts About the Evolution of New Metal Music in 2019

As we approach the end of 2019, it’s time to take a look at the evolution of new metal music throughout the year. From breaking down genre barriers to embracing new sounds and technologies, here are 5 facts about how metal music in 2019 has continued to push the boundaries:

1. Collaborations with Other Genres are on the Rise

In recent years, we’ve seen an increased interest from metal artists in collaborating with musicians from other genres. In 2019, this trend continued as more metal bands explored unique musical partnerships ranging from electronic music to pop.

One standout collaboration this year was Slipknot’s “All Out Life” featuring DaBaby. Though unlikely at first glance, the track blends intense metal instrumentation with DaBaby’s fierce rap delivery for a truly unforgettable listening experience.

2. Metal Bands are Experimenting with New Sounds

The world of metal is traditionally known for its loud guitars, growling vocals and pounding drums – but many artists have been exploring new sonic territories lately.

Enter Tool’s latest album “Fear Inoculum,” which strongly emphasizes polyrhythmic percussion patterns alongside atmospheric melodies. Meanwhile, groups like Deafheaven continue to embrace shoegaze and black metal influences while incorporating clean singing and soaring guitar solos into their sound.

3. Automation is Changing Music Creation

Technology continues to play an increasing role in modern music production techniques. This year saw numerous advancements in automation technology that allowed musicians to effortlessly manipulate sounds into completely new forms.

4. More Diverse Voices Are Being Heard

As minorities gain more representation across various creative fields, voices previously unheard in rock and metal are now claiming space within these communities.

This year saw bands such as Alien Weaponry (a self-described “Maori thrash” group), and Barcelona’s Heilung gain attention from a wider audience with an emphasis on diverse identities fueling their unique sounds.

5. Metal is Becoming More Politically Active

In a world increasingly gripped by political unrest, metal musicians have been using their platform more than ever to engage in social issues that affect the human rights of society as a whole.

Political activism can be seen throughout metal culture this year – as illustrated by Refused’s “Blood Red” or Brutus’ “War.” Both songs, for example, deliver lyrics that call out the current state of societal inequality and corporate greed.

As we look back on 2019, it’s clear that metal music continues to push the boundaries through collaborations, new sounds, technological advancements and encouraging diversity. As artists grow more fearless with their experimentation and begin to lend their voices towards important issues at large, it seems like we’re only just scratching the surface of what they will achieve next.

New Metal Subgenres Taking Over in 2019

Heavy Metal music has been around for over four decades, and over time it has evolved into many different sub-genres. From thrash metal to death metal, black metal to power metal, there’s no shortage of styles within the world of heavy metal. Yet, 2019 has already seen the emergence of some fascinating new sub-genres that are taking the scene by storm. In this blog post, we explore the latest new metallic sounds that are capturing ears and intriguing fans around the globe.

1) Djent
Djent is a genre that’s been around for several years now but only recently started getting serious recognition in mainstream heavy music culture. Its distinct sound comes from percussive guitar playing techniques which involve quick staccato attacks on individual strings to create highly syncopated rhythm patterns. Typically Djent tends to have very clean production style with thicker guitar tones making it one of the most complex sounding sub-genres within heavy music.

2) Blackened Deathcore
Combining two already extreme genres – blackened deathcore takes deathcore’s tonal quality while adding elements of black metal (typically consisting of blast beats with tremolo-picked riffs). The resulting genre can best be described as dark and demonic sounding which often includes hateful lyrics about themes such as Satanism and nihilism.

3) Progressive Metalcore
One subgenre which was quite popular in 2018 and still going strong today is progressive-metalcore; a genre showcased by bands like Architects and Northlane who expertly combine brutally heavy instrumentation with hauntingly beautiful melodies. This blend creates an other-worldly atmosphere typically found only in classic prog rock albums from bands like Pink Floyd or Yes.

4) Melodic Death Metal (MDM)
While not necessarily a new genre many bands are starting to incorporate a more melodic element into their brand of traditional death metal thereby creating what’s come to be known as MDM. The often complex and heavily layered guitar riffs in MDM are typically interwoven with harmonious keyboard vocals, which can be starkly contrasted within the music’s often savage drumming patterns. Unsurprisingly, part of what makes MDM such a mesmerizing genre is its ability to take seemingly contradictory elements and match them seamlessly.

5) Symphonic Death Metal
“Symphonic death metal? Can that really work?” Yes, it can! By blending traditional death metal techniques with heavy orchestration this sub-genre creates an epic atmosphere reminiscent of classical ensembles like Mozart or Beethoven. Equally melodic and brutal, symphonic death metal redefines what it means to push musical boundaries forward. Bands like Fleshgod Apocalypse are front-runners in exploring this genre’s potential.

It’s always exciting when new genres emerge within the heavy metal scene as they push the boundaries of creativity while shifting everyone’s perspective on how unconventional sounds can come together so perfectly. With each upcoming subgenre bringings its own unique blend of brutality and complexity to listener’s ears it will be no surprise if we witness overly enthusiastic crowd response during next year’s festival season, courtesy these latest trendsetters!

Spotlight on Up-and-Coming New Metal Artists of 2019

Metal music has been a mainstay in the world of music since its inception back in the late 1960s. Since then, it has evolved into various sub-genres, including power metal, death metal, black metal, and many others. Metal fans are always on the lookout for new talent that can push the boundaries of their beloved genre. With that said, let’s take a look at some up-and-coming new metal artists of 2019.

First on our list is Greta Van Fleet. This four-piece band from Michigan is quickly gaining popularity thanks to their Led Zeppelin-inspired sound. The band’s retro vibe and frontman Josh Kiszka’s unique vocal range have drawn comparisons to the legendary rock band, with some even dubbing him as “the next Robert Plant.” Despite facing criticism for sounding too much like Led Zeppelin, Greta Van Fleet’s growing fanbase proves that there is still a demand for old-school rock n’ roll.

Next up is Alien Weaponry. This New Zealand-based trio combines traditional Māori elements with thrash metal to create something truly unique. Their debut album “Tu” features songs sung entirely in te reo Māori and touches on issues such as environmentalism and spirituality – something not usually associated with thrash metal. Their blend of cultural pride and heavy riffs has garnered praise from both critics and fans alike.

Moving onto a more extreme sub-genre of metal, we have Tomb Mold – a death-metal band from Toronto whose sound can be described as dark, heavy and atmospheric. Their second full-length album “Manor Of Infinite Forms” received critical acclaim for being one of the best death-metal albums released last year. The band cites old-school horror films as one of their biggest influences and this certainly comes through in their haunting soundscapes.

Last but not least is Baest – a Danish death-metal outfit whose ferocious brand of extreme metal is making waves in the underground scene. Their debut album “Danse Macabre” showcases their ability to craft catchy riffs and brutal breakdowns that will leave any metalhead wanting more. The band has already gained a following in Europe and is set to conquer the rest of the world with their visceral sound.

In conclusion, metal music is far from dead, despite what some critics may say. These up-and-coming artists prove that there is still plenty of room for innovation in this genre. From Greta Van Fleet’s retro rock n’ roll to Baest’s ferocious death-metal, there’s something for every type of metal fan out there. So put on your leather jacket, turn up the volume and discover new music that will make you headbang until your neck hurts!