Unleashing the Fun and Faith at Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013


How to Plan and Prepare for Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013: Step by Step Guide

As a church leader or volunteer, you know how important it is to plan and prepare for successful group activities. When it comes to Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs, Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 is one of the most popular options out there.

But how can you ensure that your church’s Kingdom Rock VBS program runs smoothly and effectively? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider in order to ensure your group has a truly royal time learning about God’s kingdom.

1. Start planning early

The key to any successful event is starting your planning process as early as possible. Give yourself plenty of time to gather volunteers, resources and create a timetable for the week ahead. You’ll also need to consider registration forms – what information do you want parents to give? What consent do they need? Starting on this well before the event itself will help things run much more smoothly.

2. Find a venue

Once you’ve got location sorted, you should plan your space needs.What size rooms do you need ?How many separate classrooms would work best for each age group ?

Another thing – make sure outdoor spaces are safe and comfortable for kids.

3. Assemble Your Volunteers

Your volunteers are going to be the backbone of the event so make sure that engaged individuals feel valued.The team leaders which could include site assistant superintendent , story teller ,arts instructor , craft specialist etc . A well-balanced team will can incredibly enhance effectiveness.

Provide them with enough support in terms policies , who will manage issues when parent or child behavior unacceptable.Its wise always have first aid kits handy,and having knowledge on general first aid tips around children is advisable .

4. Obtain Resources

First things first, think about adopting all necessary materials for the event such as curriculums,videos or music,vbs t shirts which could assist in memorable souvenir from kids perspective.Secondly writing down a list of required art,craft and games materials would be essential before you go out buying.

5. Plan a Timetable

After assembling volunteers and obtaining necessary resources create tentative schedule for the week.Make sure your events are planned out in such a way that kids have time to move from one activity to another without feeling rushed. Incorporating enough breaks will help prevent power struggles and temper tantrums.Set an alarm every 30 minutes so everyone is aware of what should be happening.

6. Practice Makes Perfect!

Before starting with the actual program get together with your team and practice scenes or skits,paint arts or make club sandwich provided just like how everything has been planned out .This can detect any areas that need improvement especially performance related issues.

7. Always update Parents/Guardians ahead of Time

Use whatever means possible including social media updates,mass email campaigns etc to keep guardians in the loop on the dates,times,requirements etc.Liaise with them whenever there’s a change too.

As we conclude , remember VBS is an opportunity for you to not only teach children about God but also offer hope where needed! Happy Planning !

FAQs about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013: All You Need to Know

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an exciting time for kids to come together and learn about Jesus through fun activities, games, crafts, and music. And one of the most popular VBS themes out there is Group Kingdom Rock! If you’re thinking about hosting a Group Kingdom Rock VBS at your church or school this year, but have some burning questions you need answered first, then look no further! This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to know about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013!

What is Group Kingdom Rock VBS?
Group Kingdom Rock VBS is a vacation bible school program created by Group Publishing that is designed to help kids learn more about God’s love for them. The theme for 2013 was “Stand Strong in God’s Love” and provided an exciting medieval adventure where kids could discover how to armor up with the truth of God’s love!

How long does a Group Kingdom Rock VBS last?
A typical Group Kingdom Rock VBS lasts for five days, Monday through Friday. Each day lasts for approximately three hours and includes various activities such as opening assemblies, themed lessons, craft time, snack time, epic games and closing assemblies.

What age range is suitable for Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013?
The program is typically geared towards elementary school-aged children from preschool age (3 years old) up until rising sixth graders (12-13 years old). The curriculum has been optimized to engage this age group specifically with meaningful messages on Christianity.

Who can attend a Group Kingdom Rock VBS?
In general terms every member of your community or congregation can be allowed participation in your local Church hosted vacation bible school. However some specific parts personal or groups supporting religious events might not like single adults participating in kid’s events unless they are assisting or co-sponsoring specifically with their own child only involvement.

What type of materials do we receive when we purchase the Group Kingdom Rock VBS kit?
When you purchase the Group Kingdom Rock VBS kit, you will receive materials that are carefully designed to make it easy for you to organize and execute an exciting event. You will receive a director’s manual, daily leader guides, music CDs, videos DVDs full of games and lessons or online streaming options. You also get activity booklets and plenty of fun decorations material.

Do we need any other special equipment or supplies?
Group Publishing provides everything you need in the Group Kingdom Rock VBS kit except for a few basic supplies such as scissors, markers, glue sticks etc. venues might have different needs in case they do not provide with essentials like tables/chairs or sound systems for instance.

How much does it cost to host a Group Kingdom Rock VBS?
The cost involved in hosting a Group Kingdom Rock VBS varies based on your venue size and availability of free/paid volunteers available to assist. The price when buying curriculums starts around $30 per student which includes their own Starter Kit and activity booklets but additional things can arise such as food/supplies costs or maybe discounts given by sponsors depending on Church size.

What are some of the unique features of the 2013 edition of Group Kingdom Rock VBS?
Some epic trend-setting features included in the 2013 edition were medieval themed decorations throughout all components (Assemblies/Crafts/Lessons), knights-jouster-mask making Crafts’ centers where kids could strengthen friendships over handmade shields they created themselves! Lastly Drama skits included interactive elements that made these portions unforgettable experiences where kids felt closer to Jesus through them.

With all this information now at your fingertips – what are you waiting for? Consider hosting a Group Kingdom Rock VBS at your church or school this year! Your kids (and their parents!) will absolutely love it!

Top 5 Facts about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 You Didn’t Know Before

Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 is an exciting and fun-filled week where children come together to learn more about the love of God, grow in their faith, participate in engaging activities and crafts, and create lasting memories with friends. This year’s event promises to be even more thrilling than ever before, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the top 5 facts you didn’t know about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013.

1. Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 Is Packed With High-Energy Worship Songs

One of the most exciting parts of this year’s event is its line-up of catchy tunes that will have all the kids singing along in no time. From “Stand Strong” to “Raise Your Hands,” each song has been hand-selected by Group for its uplifting message, positive energy, and easy-to-remember lyrics.

2. The Theme For This Year’s Event Is All About Standing Strong In Your Faith

In a world filled with challenges, distractions, and pressures to conform, it can be tough for young Christians to stay strong in their convictions. That’s why the theme for this year’s VBS is all about standing firmly in one’s faith – no matter what happens! Kids will learn powerful lessons from scripture on topics ranging from courage and forgiveness to friendship and sacrifice.

3. Each Child Will Receive A Fun-Filled Kit To Help Them Engage With The Program

When children arrive at Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013, they’ll receive a special kit packed with everything they need to fully engage with the program. Each kit includes items like activity books filled with puzzles and games that reinforce key themes from scripture; interactive CDs featuring lively music; colorful craft materials; water bottles; glow sticks for nighttime activities – even King’s hats!

4. Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 Was Created By Experienced Ministry Professionals

Crafted by Christian education professionals with years of experience in children’s ministry, VBS programming, and Biblical curriculum development, this year’s event is truly top-notch. Each lesson has been carefully designed to build on the last, helping kids discover both new truths about their faith and inspiring ways to apply them in their homes and communities.

5. Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 Is The Perfect Way To Connect With Other Children In Your Community

Finally, and perhaps most importantly: Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 is an amazing opportunity for children to connect with other kids who share their love for God. In a world where so many young people feel left out or disconnected from their neighbors, VBS offers a welcoming environment where all can come together to learn and grow – no matter who they are or where they come from.

So there you have it – five surprising facts about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 that demonstrate why this year’s event promises to be more meaningful, dynamic, and fun-filled than ever before. If you haven’t already signed up your child (or yourself!) for this life-changing week of fellowship and learning, don’t wait any longer! space is limited so enroll quickly while seats are available!

Discovering the Themes and Activities of Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013

Summer is almost here, and with it comes Vacation Bible School (VBS) season – a time when young children and families come together to celebrate and learn about their faith. This year, one exciting program that has caught our eye is Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013. Just like the name suggests, this program helps participants discover the themes and activities surrounding the concept of building a kingdom for Jesus.

The first thing you will notice about Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 is its thrilling medieval theme. As soon as you step into your church or community center, you’ll be transported into a world of knights in shining armor, princesses in flowing gowns and castles with turrets reaching up to the sky!

Children will love exploring this world through creative activities such as crafts, games, music and interactive storytelling experiences. They will also have ample opportunities to learn Bible verses, listen to bible stories, engage in lively discussions which explore what “building the kingdom” means and how faith can guide everyday decisions.

But what does building the kingdom for Jesus mean? The curriculum of this VBS program looks at all facets of building a life for Jesus ranging from looking inwardly towards spiritual growth by introducing daily habits that promote God’s Word; looking outward with compassionate hearts as we share God’s message of salvation with others; looking around us as we seek out ways to impact our communities; and looking toward eternal hope of living forevermore united with Him.

Through hands-on lessons exploring these concepts, children will learn what it truly means to build God’s kingdom right here on earth – today!

If you’re worried about planning something spectacular for your summer youth event or church retreat look no further than Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013! With its entertaining theme and engaging lesson plan designed specifically for modern day youth its sure bring lots joy across generations all while exploring foundational biblical teachings.

In conclusion: If you’re seeking out an exciting, relevant VBS experience this summer or simply want something to occupy the kids during the long summer months Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 fits the bill. It’s an exciting adventure into biblical foundations which promises to teach, engage and inspire young minds like never before. This program is bound to make your summer unforgettable – so gather your community and join in building God’s magnificent kingdom together!

Testimonials from Kids, Parents and Leaders Who Attended Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013

As we look back at the success of Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013, we cannot help but be reminded of the numerous testimonials from kids, parents and leaders who attended this life-changing event. The impact that this VBS program had on people’s lives was truly remarkable.

Firstly, let us delve into what some of the kids had to say about their experience at Group Kingdom Rock VBS. One young participant described it as “the most fun I have ever had in my life!” Another child stated that they enjoyed learning about God’s love through exciting games and activities. It is clear to see that the young attendees were thoroughly engaged and entertained throughout their time at Kingdom Rock.

Parents also left glowing reviews of Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013. One parent expressed how much they appreciated seeing their children learn important values such as kindness, respect and forgiveness. Another parent pointed out how impressed they were with the level of organization and professionalism displayed by the team running the program.

Moreover, it wasn’t just parents and children who were moved by Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 – many leaders in attendance also found it to be an enriching experience. A volunteer leader remarked on how rewarding it was to witness the children grow spiritually over the course of a few short days. They also praised how well-planned each activity was, ensuring that everyone was involved and having fun.

It goes without saying that Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 left a lasting impression on those who participated. This remarkable program not only provided a fun-filled week for children but also offered valuable lessons in faith, compassion and community spirit that will stay with them for years to come.

In conclusion, we can confidently say that Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 received rave reviews from kids, parents and leaders alike – making it a resounding success!

Best Practices for Hosting a Memorable Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 in Your Church or Community

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is the highlight of the summer for many kids and families. It’s a time when children can come together to learn Biblical truths, make new friends, and enjoy fun activities. If you are planning to host a Group Kingdom Rock VBS 2013 in your church or community, there are some best practices that you should keep in mind to ensure that it is a memorable experience for all involved.

1. Plan Ahead

The success of any event relies heavily on careful planning. Begin by selecting a date and time frame that works well for both staff and parents. Next, determine how long the VBS will run – this could be anywhere from 3-5 days depending on your resources and preferences.

Take into consideration the number of volunteers required, the number of participants expected, and any costs associated with materials or facilities usage.

2. Recruit Volunteers & Staff

It’s important to have an adequate number of volunteers to help manage everything involved in hosting a VBS program such as registration, teaching Bible lessons, leading games & crafts stations etc.

Recruiting volunteers early on not only helps ensure enough people attend but also helps you get more volunteers trained quicker so they can start preparing for specific roles assigned to them during the program.

3. Choose Your Theme & Curriculum Materials

Group Kingdom Rock’s interactive curriculum provides everything necessary to teach kids about Jesus’ kingship over our lives in a fun way. Besides curriculum books & guides themed with storyline posters and videos there are seasonal add-ons available like cool merchandise such as décor kits, photo frames etc., which add excitement!

4. Promote Your Event

Promotion involves spreading awareness about your VBS both online & through social media promotion channels as well as offline in community publications if applicable.*Create visually engaging banners/signs that local businesses will help put up promoting their services benefitting from being part of this good cause! Also don’t forget to reach out to the parents of current and former attendees at your church too- word of mouth is powerful for getting kids awed and excited in attending VBS!

5. Create Exciting Activities

Kids enjoy a wide range of creative activities, especially during VBS programs. Include some fun, engaging games, excellent crafts & cool theatrical performances that will capture their imagination while also adding depth or meaning to Bible lessons taught every day thereby ensuring everybody stays engaged and interested throughout the program.

Remember – your ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere where young minds can explore God’s word intimately with good takeaways from it to apply in daily life situations.

6. Safety First

The most important aspect of any children’s event is safety. For that reason, ensure all staff have their background checks done together with relevant certifications alongside confirmation of appropriate first aid/emergency procedures and contact information ready easily accessible.

Wrapping Up…

Every VBS offers an opportunity that you wouldn’t want anyone missing especially if you have taken time yet intentional love affair towards hosting one which could change lives! Strive effortlessly for success by incorporating these practices into your planning process; Get motivated & confidently work through everything involved in ensuring it turns out a “long-lasting” memorable experience for all participating in it! Good Luck!!