Cody Jinks: The Unlikely Pioneer of Metal Music


How Cody Jinks Found Inspiration in Traditional Country and Infused it with Heavy Metal

Cody Jinks is not your typical country music artist. He has managed to take traditional country music and infuse it with heavy metal, creating a sound that is uniquely his own. Howe did he come up with this unique sound? Where did the inspiration for this mashup of genres come from?

Jinks grew up listening to traditional country artists like Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, and George Jones. He was drawn to their honest lyrics and heartfelt storytelling. However, as he got older, he started getting into heavier forms of music like punk rock and classic heavy metal bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica.

As he began writing his own music, these two worlds collided in his mind. Jinks saw similarities between traditional country and heavy metal such as their rawness, honesty, and unapologetic attitude. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jinks explained that “they’re [country and metal] so much alike if you really listen to them… They both have an insane amount of energy.”

With this realization came experimentation. Jinks began incorporating electric guitars, heavy drums beats, and screaming vocals into his songs while still maintaining the traditional country lyrical style. He wanted to create something that was both true to himself and unique within the country music world.

The result? A sound that has captivated fans across genres. His 2016 album “I’m Not The Devil” features songs like “The Same” which starts off slow with acoustic guitar and Jinks’ sincere vocals before building into a full-band anthem complete with shredding electric guitar solos.

Another standout from the album is the title track “I’m Not The Devil,” which showcases Jinks’ ability to blend hard-rocking riffs with classic country storytelling about redemption.

Jinks’ success in blending these two genres shows that there’s room for experimentation in country music even when many are pushing for more mainstream pop-influenced country. By staying true to himself and his musical influences, Jinks has gained a loyal following and is helping to push the boundaries of what country music can sound like.

In conclusion, Cody Jinks found inspiration for his unique blend of traditional country and heavy metal from his childhood heroes like Hank Williams Jr., as well as his love for heavier genres like punk rock and classic heavy metal bands. He saw similarities between these two worlds and began experimenting, ultimately creating a sound that is both honest and energetic. His success proves that there’s room for innovation in the traditional country genre, and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How Cody Jinks Creates his Hard-Hitting Metal Sound

Cody Jinks is a master of creating a unique and hard-hitting metal sound that has been captivating audiences for years. His music reflects the soulful and passionate nature that defines his personality as a musician.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll dive into how Cody Jinks creates his distinct metal sound:

Step 1: Selection of Musical Instruments

The first step in creating his signature sound is selecting the right instruments. Cody usually uses a Gibson acoustic guitar, which provides him with an incredible dynamic range to work with. He also employs electric guitars from brands such as Fender or Gibson Les Pauls depending on the type of music he intends to create.

Step 2: Heavy Distortion Patterns

Once he has decided on what instrument will give him the best possible level of output, it’s time to add some heavy distortion to truly make an impact in his music. The distortion levels required vary across different songs depending on their theme and tone. In most cases though, Cody tends to use Marshall JCM amps coupled with Shure SM57 microphones for capturing his raw sound.

Step 3: Rhythm Guitar Structures

For many musicians, rhythm guitar structures are key in defining their style and setting them apart from others. This aspect of the process doesn’t come easily and requires precision and patience when crafting chord progressions meticulously.

Cody prefers to use traditional power chord rhythms that come naturally when playing various notes simultaneously perfectly when complemented by lyrics underpinned by storytelling themes.

Step 4: Drumming Patterns

Drumming patterns play crucial roles in combining drum fills like kick snare combinations with high energy ride cymbal rhythms Kyle Nix’s creative drum rolls differentiate him from other drummers providing unique qualities to Cody Jinks’ compelling soundscape.

Step 5: Mixing

To polish final drafts making sure there is seamless transition between each instrument while increasing energy levels – often through bass boosting within frequency spectrum – adding a subtle reverb and other effects in post-production operations enhance the overall quality of compositions improving their authenticity.

In Conclusion

Creating unique high-powered music like Cody Jinks is an art requiring exceptional talent, patience, and perseverance. This step-by-step guide serves only as an introduction illustrating Cody’s specialized approach to creating his hard-hitting metal sound. Learning how to create your own personal style requires studying your influences thoroughly while applying good old fashioned self-discovery, practice and experimentation!

Cody Jinks Metal Music FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Are you a fan of heavy metal music? Then you might have already heard about Cody Jinks, the country singer who has been breaking boundaries with his unique blend of outlaw and metal sounds. But if you’re new to the scene or simply curious, our metal music FAQ can help answer your most burning questions about this rising star.

Q: Who is Cody Jinks?

A: Cody Jinks is an American country musician hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. He was born on August 18th, 1980, and started pursuing music as a career in his early twenties. During his early years, he fronted a number of small bands before going solo in 2008. While initially known for his traditional country sound, Jinks began incorporating heavier guitars and other elements of metal into his music over the past few years.

Q: What kind of genre does Cody Jinks play?

A: As mentioned above, Cody Jinks primarily plays country music but he infuses it with heavy musical influences from rock and roll as well. If we had to peg it down to one genre specifically, then we would label it outlaw country mixed with southern rock.

Q: What sets Cody apart from other country artists?

A: One thing that sets him apart is that he runs his own record label called Late August Records. This gives him complete control over his musical content without having to answer to anyone else’s authority figures like Nashville labels often do. Additionally, while many modern country acts adopt similar sounds and styles that mirror each other by blending pop or electronic elements together; whereas Cody has slowly moved towards a more aggressive rock sound.

Q: Does Cody collaborate with any big names from the metal music scene?

A: As much as we wished he collaborated more often within this realm of tough-sounding black-rolling folks such as Sepultura or Mastodon; unfortunately no major collaborations thus far exist between them or him (but hey anything is possible, right?).

Q: What should I listen to first from Cody Jinks?

A: Although obtaining different opinions on this can be like venturing in the great unknown when it comes to selecting your next favorite artist, Cody’s most acclaimed albums are probably “I’m Not The Devil” and “Lifers.” His songwriting is simpler than you’d think with ridiculously catchy tunes that sticks in your head all day.

Q: Does Cody tour frequently?

A: Before the pandemic hit us all, he was known for his non-stop touring schedule which included playing 140 shows in one year while never once stepping foot on a bus. He’s already revealed new 2021 concert dates complete with Grand Ole Opry performances; And by the looks of things we’re certain he’s itching to get back out there and bring down the stage again soon.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or a curious newcomer, Cody Jinks has something to offer everyone who loves country mixed with rock music. So why not give him a listen today? Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Cody Jinks’ Powerful Blend of Country and Metal

Cody Jinks is a unique blend of country and heavy metal that has taken the music industry by storm. With his powerful vocals and gritty lyrics, Jinks has become one of the most exciting artists in contemporary country music.

Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about this rising star:

1. Cody Jinks’ sound is a fusion of traditional country with heavy metal.

Jinks’ signature sound combines the storytelling of classic country with the intense energy of heavy metal. This blend creates a new experience for listeners who may not have previously been drawn towards either genre.

2. He walked away from major recording contracts to form his own label – Less Wise Records.

After several unsuccessful attempts at creating hits under major labels like Sony Music and Universal Music Group, Cody left to set up his own record label named Less Wise Records. He took control over the creative process, allowing him more freedom to create raw, authentic music on his terms fully.

3. His albums consistently debut high on Billboard’s Top Country Album charts

Cody Jinks is quickly becoming a fan favorite within both genres; he even managed to break into mainstream popularity placing #4 on Billboards’ Top Country Albums chart. His latest album, “Lifers,” debuted at number one on both Billboard Country Album charts as well as on iTunes Country Chart few days after its release in 2018.

4. He produced “The Wanting” after battling depression

In March 2020, Jinks released his album “The Wanting” which contains songs like “Which One I Feed,” “Tell ‘Em What It’s Like,” and “Ain’t A Train.” Throughout the production process for”The Wanting,” Cody battled depression; as he revealed during an interview with

“It’s challenging dealing with those types of mental issues when they arise – especially in this business where it seems like perfection is expected all the time.”

Nonetheless, he pushed through, and the album is one of his most heartfelt works to date.

5. Cody Jinks’ fanbase is fiercely loyal.

With his unique sound and powerful lyrics, it’s no surprise that Cody Jinks has amassed a dedicated fanbase that spans across both country and heavy metal scenes. This loyal following allowed him to sell out venues across America for his tours as well as get lots of love on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

In conclusion, Cody Jinks’ ability to combine traditional country with heavy metal has garnered him an ever-growing fan base following not only in the United States but also worldwide. His commitment to authentic music production regardless of personal issues shows why he genuinely deserves all recognition for what he has achieved creatively so far. Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see what this talented artist will release next.

Exploring the Power and Emotion Behind Cody Jinks’ Raw, Uncompromising Sound

Cody Jinks is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of country music. With his raw, uncompromising sound, Jinks has carved out a unique space for himself in the genre, one that is both fiercely independent and deeply emotional.

But what exactly is it about Jinks’ music that makes it so powerful? To answer that question, we need to delve into the heart and soul of his sound.

At its core, Jinks’ music is all about authenticity. There’s no masking or sugarcoating here – he lays everything bare in his lyrics and his delivery. Whether he’s singing about love or loss, joy or pain, Jinks does it with an unflinching honesty that cuts straight to the bone.

Take his breakout hit “Loud and Heavy,” for example. With its pounding drums and distorted guitar riffs, the song is an instant classic – but what really sets it apart is the sheer emotion in Jinks’ voice as he sings lines like “I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free” and “my mind’s been working overtime.” It’s a primal scream of longing and freedom that hits you right in your gut.

And then there’s “David,” another standout track from Jinks’ catalog. The haunting piano melody sets a mournful tone from the start, while Jinks’ vocals lament a friend lost too soon: “you traded one addiction for another kind / we all thought you were just wasting time.” It’s a heartbreaking tribute to those who struggle with addiction and its tragic consequences.

What ties these songs together – beyond Jinks’ unshakeable commitment to honesty – is their sense of storytelling. Each track feels like a chapter in a larger narrative about life’s struggles and triumphs. As such, Jinks has become something of a bard for modern-day cowboys (and cowgirls) living through hard times: someone who can offer solace and insight through his music.

Of course, none of this would be possible without Jinks’ own impressive range as a musician. He’s equally comfortable with thunderous rock anthems like “Must Be the Whiskey” and more intimate ballads like “Somewhere in the Middle.” And then there’s his voice – a rich, rough-edged instrument that can convey both rage and tenderness with equal conviction.

All these elements come together in Jinks’ live performances, which have earned him a devoted fanbase across the country. It’s not uncommon for crowds to sing along to every word of his songs, raising their hands and voices in unison as he tears through one powerhouse performance after another.

Ultimately, what makes Cody Jinks such a compelling artist is his willingness to lay it all on the line – to sing about life’s darkest moments with an unwavering honesty and vulnerability. In doing so, he invites us all to confront our own demons alongside him, finding catharsis in his powerful brand of music.

Why Cody Jinks is Destined to Be a Game-Changer in the World of Metal Music.

Cody Jinks may not be a name commonly associated with the world of metal music, but that is exactly what makes him so intriguing. The Texas-based singer-songwriter has made a name for himself in the country and Americana scenes through his raw, powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics. However, it is his recent forays into heavy metal that have really caught the attention of music fans.

Jinks’ transformation from country crooner to metalhead is not as drastic as it may seem at first glance. He has always had an edge to his music, with songs that tackle heavy themes such as addiction, loss, and regret. That edge has only been amplified in his recent releases like 2020’s “The Wanting” which features blistering guitar riffs and thunderous drums beneath Jinks’ signature gravelly voice.

What sets Jinks apart from other artists trying their hand at new genres is his authenticity. He isn’t just adding a few screaming vocals or distorted guitars to appeal to a different audience. Instead, he fully immerses himself in the genre, exploring different sub-genres like doom metal and stoner rock while staying true to his own unique style.

One could argue that Jinks’ transition into heavy metal was always on the cards. After all, many country greats such as Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson have dabbled in rock music throughout their careers. Moreover, both genres are rooted in storytelling which serves as a common ground between them.

But what really sets Jinks apart from these legends is how seamlessly he blends both worlds together without losing sight of either one of them. He manages to capture the essence of heavy metal while still infusing it with elements of country and Americana – creating something entirely new and refreshing.

From ballads infused with haunting melodies to hard-hitting headbangers drenched in distortion; Cody Jinks has proven time and time again that he is more than just a country artist. He’s a true musical force, pushing boundaries and blurring genres in a way that only the greatest artists can.

In conclusion, Cody Jinks may not be the first name people think of when it comes to heavy metal music, but he could very well be the one who opens up a whole new world for fans of both country and metal alike. With his authentic approach to music and his ability to seamlessly blend different genres together, it’s clear that Cody Jinks is destined to be a game-changer in the world of metal music.