Rock Your World: The Top 10 Best Metal Music Videos of 2012 [with Stats and Tips]


Short answer: The best metal music videos of 2012 included “Leviathan” by Mastodon, “Yonkers” by Tyler, The Creator, “Harvest Wombs” by Fallujah, and “Sorrow and Extinction” by Pallbearer. These videos stood out for their creative concepts and visually stunning imagery.

How to Curate the Ultimate Playlist of Best Metal Music Videos from 2012

Curating the ultimate playlist of the best metal music videos from 2012 might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! With a few helpful tips and tricks, you can be sure to create a playlist that will have you headbanging for hours on end.

First things first, it’s important to set some guidelines. Decide on what constitutes as “metal” in your eyes – is it strictly death metal and thrash metal? Or do you also include heavy metal and power metal bands? Once you have a clear idea of what kind of metal genre you want to focus on, start searching for videos.

One way to find the best metal music videos from 2012 is by looking at award shows such as Metal Hammer Golden Gods or Revolver Golden Gods Awards. These shows are curated by industry experts who have handpicked the top videos of the year. You can also browse websites like Metal Injection or Loudwire for their own best-of lists.

Once you’ve gathered a collection of potential candidates for your playlist, it’s time to start whittling them down. Consider aspects such as production value (is the video visually stunning?), creativity (does it push boundaries or play with conventions?), and most importantly, how well they match up with your chosen sub-genre.

It’s important to keep in mind that good music videos should enhance the musical experience rather than distract from it. Stick to watching videos that compliment and mirror the tone or mood of each song without being overly distracting or overshadowing the music itself.

Another approach is using mood themes when creating your playlist where each segment matches a different vibe or feeling through visual metaphors used in music video production techniques like hyper-realistic high-density graphics with fast cuts overlaid onto sparse ethereal soundscapes creates futuristic landscapes while low contrast bright colors combined with gritty rooftop jam sessions add raw realism element into an urban setting.

Finally, trust your instincts! Only add songs and videos that will truly energize and excite you. After all, the most important aspect of a playlist is to get you moving – whether that’s moshing in your room or simply tapping your feet.

By following these steps and being selective with your choices, you’re guaranteed to curate an ultimate playlist of the best metal music videos from 2012. So plug in those headphones, crank up the volume, and let the headbanging commence!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create a Killer Metal Music Video: Insights from 2012’s Best

If you’re a metal musician, creating a killer music video can be the perfect tool to boost your popularity and expand your fan-base. A well-made music video can make or break a band’s career in today’s digital age, especially now that content consumption is at an all-time high.

Therefore, creating a better visual representation of your music can result in more views, more engagement, more shares and hence more fans. While crafting this powerful weapon seems daunting, it doesn’t have to be. For the past decade bands have been producing high-quality videos without breaking their bank using well thought out strategies.

To guide you through the process of creating an excellent metal music video, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for you:


Frequently re-watch popular metal band’s videos like Slipknot’s “Duality,” or Lamb of God’s “Redneck” which connects on many levels with its clear shots and transitions from live performance to narrative scenes. From creative camera angles to sufficient lighting- everything was very strategic.


The majority of successful mainstream songs had relatively little spending behind them when compared to those funded by record labels. It all comes down to creativity rather than just millions pumped into it backing it up.


Brainstorm creative ideas with professional videographers who share similar style preferences could take generate new ideas and possibilities for shots that fit perfectly with your brand or message you want conveyed in your song.


A storyline that carries humanity coupled with real vulnerability shatters most demographics’ perspectives on Metal Music since they tend tro stereotype Heavy Music being about negativity/hate/anger/violence only. The most loved stories are adventures inspired by true events like Love Stories or Raw Gritty situations that’ll resonate within everyone.


Make sure to prevent excessive use of static shots or mainly live footage. Experiment with different types of shots like Timelapses/Paramentrics/Gimbal/Slider, etc.


Having great b-roll footage on the cutting-room floor is very common when it comes to video editing, so make sure that all your b-roll shots match the energy that your song conveys and take time looking through them twice-before trimming down clips for easier upload/storage which this can save you a lot of headaches later on.


Starting with teasers for social media posts is an excellent way to ignite curiosity about your upcoming video project among your fans base and people in general who might not be acquainted with your music yet.


Don’t underestimate the importance of color grading. After video editors have assembled all the clips by their unique story arc, give some thought into making small tweaks during post-production which play huge roles in establishing emotions of every scene.

In summary:

The two keys elements but not limited to as long as creativity’s put forth: good storytelling & originality.. If these two components are brought together through careful planning and execution its very likely that a music video could become one of the most powerful weapons in ushering new fans-bases.@2022 Original Author: Lizzy Leta (Jnr Content Publisher)

FAQs about the Best Metal Music Videos of 2012: Everything You Need to Know!

In the world of heavy metal, music videos are just as important as the songs themselves. 2012 saw a plethora of amazing metal music videos that entertained and thrilled fans from all over the world. We’ve compiled a list of FAQs about the best metal music videos of 2012 to help you get caught up on everything you need to know.

What were some of the most popular metal music videos released in 2012?
The year 2012 was filled with many truly remarkable heavy metal music videos, each offering its own unique flair and style. Some notable mentions include “Ghost Walking” by Lamb of God, “Soundwave Superior” by Soilwork, “Acid Rain” by Avenged Sevenfold, “I Will Fail You” by Demon Hunter and “Pins and Needles” by The Birthday Massacre.

What makes these music videos so special?
These music videos stand out for their incredible creative concepts, dazzling visuals and ability to tell compelling stories within the framework of brief musical performances. During these visual masterpieces, we witness incredible pieces of cinematography that add an entirely new perspective to classic hits in metal history.

Why do bands choose to create professional quality music videos?
Music videos have become increasingly vital tools for promotion since their inception in the ‘80s. They offer a visually engaging context for artists’ songs and provide them with another way to showcase their personalities or personas. Music video debuts attract much-deserved attention from both established fans and those just discovering their love for rock/metal scenes.

How can watching these types of incredible productions impact an audience?
Watching these heavy-metal productions has several benefits beyond pure entertainment value: they can evoke powerful emotions through palpably deep lyrics alongside killer guitar riffs paired with powerful drum segments – something new or old enthusiasts alike can admire! Additionally, the cultural significance attributed to being part + present during rock events creates iconic memories that last for years!

How are metal music videos typically created?
Typically, production starts with a brainstorming process where the lead members of the band will present their vision for the video to an experienced director. This process may include developing storyboards that translate lyrics and musical message into visuals. After the brainstorming is concluded, locations, casts, crew members and logistics should be considered prior to filming.

Are metal music events some kind of ritual?
In more ways than one! Metal-heads globally consider attending concerts or even live stream experiences to be a sacred experience – which makes sense since metal as we know it today was started on underground scenes based around cast-outs who sought expression in a society that shunned them. It has since grown into diverse factions filled with numerous sub-genres/derivatives spanning themes from death, love, history and politics.

What is the future for metal music videos?
Looking ahead: exceptional creative units combining cutting-edge technology like 3D-generated imagery alongside all-out innovation in art direction will become the gold standard for upcoming productions. Considering how much we’ve seen progress in recent years from Avenged Sevenfold’s “Nightmare” release featuring cell animation up until Five Finger Death Punch’s collaboration with Brian May utilizing Edgar Allan Poe references along vaporwave aesthetics – it’s intriguing to imagine what introduction/experimentation will come next!

Summing Up
Overall these are just some tidbits highlighting why best heavy-metal releases of 2012 can effortlessly attract and satisfy keen rock-metal enthusiasts who see themselves as legitimate witnesses every time they witness historic performances either online/on-stage! Get attached to reliving “Metal at its finest” while streaming or binging visual masterpieces!

Top 5 Fun Facts about the Making of the Best Metal Music Videos of 2012

Metal music is known for its intense sound, powerful lyrics, and of course, the visually stunning music videos that accompany it. Metal musicians are unafraid to push the boundaries with their music videos, creating shocking and sometimes controversial scenes. In 2012, we saw some incredible metal music videos being released, each with its own unique features.

Let’s take a look at the top five fun facts about the making of the best metal music videos of 2012:

1. “The Devil’s Orchard” by Opeth: If you thought this video was shot in some spooky and abandoned forest, then think again. The majority of this video was filmed on a golf course located in Österåker, Sweden. The director carefully chose his camera angles to create an eerie tone as if it were filmed in a haunted forest.

2. “Mouths Like Sidewinder Missiles” by The Fall Of Troy: One of the most impressive things about this music video is that it was shot entirely on an iPhone 5S! That’s right; they recorded everything using only their phones—quite an impressive feat considering how high-quality the footage turned out to be.

3. “The House That Dirt Built” by The Heavy: This funny and quirky video features multiple clones of frontman Kelvin Swaby singing together in one room. What’s interesting is that every clone was created using different color schemes for their outfits! For example, each clone has a unique colored tie or shoes to differentiate them from one another.

4. “League Of Legends – Piercing Light (Mako Remix)” by Mako: While not exactly a traditional metal song, this dubstep remix used footage from Riot Game’s League of Legends game as their music video source material! They overlaid flashy visuals with gameplay footage from renowned teams battling one another.

5. “Bloodshot Dawn” by Bloodshot Dawn: To make their band members look like zombies, they used lifecast rubber over their faces and heads to create a mold. They then painted each caste with intricate details to make them look realistic; this was especially impressive for having been done on a tight budget.

In conclusion, the making of these five incredible metal music videos from 2012 had some really interesting behind-the-scenes techniques involved. From filming on a golf course, shooting an entire video using only an iPhone 5S, creating color-coded clones, using footage from a video game like League of Legends as the source material for a sound remix, and creating detailed zombie makeup sculptures on casts – all are cool examples of what can be done with some unique creativity and good old-fashioned DIY techniques.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about these fun facts. Now get out there and enjoy some epic metal music videos!

Exploring Diversity in the Best Metal Music Videos of 2012: A Must-See List for Every Fan!

Metal music is renowned for being an artistic and powerful genre that explores the depth of human emotions through raw musical expression. It’s no wonder that it has attracted a diverse range of listeners from all walks of life. The metal community prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming, embracing diversity, and promoting empathy towards those who are different from us.

To showcase the beauty of diversity within the metal scene, we’ve compiled a list of the best metal music videos from 2012.

1. Skyfall by Adele – While this may not be your typical “metal” song, Adele’s theme to the James Bond movie Skyfall showcased her impressive vocal range and haunting melody. Given that many people enjoy both pop music and heavy metal, it’s important to recognize how songs like these can bring together different types of people in a head-banging harmony.

2. God is Dead? by Black Sabbath – In their first album release since 1978, Black Sabbath took on atheism in this hard-hitting track.The video depicts various religious figures imposing their beliefs on others in order to ultimately reach a place where they question if there really is a god or not. It’s refreshing to see such an iconic band tackle controversial subject matter with such eloquence and expertise.

3. I Will Fail You by Demon Hunter – This powerful ballad deals with themes of regret, loss, and self-doubt.The video incorporates black and white footage intercut with vivid colors portraying emotional anguish while offering hope for redemption.This combination creates an eerie yet striking effect that will leave you pondering its message long after its conclusion.

4. No Reflection by Marilyn Manson – This provocative piece questions our society’s obsession with celebrity culture.The video makes use of high contrast filters which results in visuals showcasing how obsession could lead one into madness.When combined with the creepy vibe created by Manson’s unique voice,you’re left feeling as though you’ve been transported into his twisted world of beauty in the midst of absolute chaos.

5. Seeking The Divine by Cradle Of Filth – This gothic masterpiece explores humanity’s varying interpretations of spirituality and religion.The atmospheric music, combined with sharp imagery dominates the screen leaving you hypnotized.Not only a fantastic video to watch but it encourages discussion within the community about spiritual beliefs and how they differ from one another.

In summary, 2012 was an excellent year for metal music videos that explored diversity in its themes and messages as seen from this list. Each video’s unique twist on their subject matter deserves appreciation regardless of whether the viewer enjoys metal music or not. It’s clear that metal can eloquently commentate on different topics without losing its authenticity which allows it to continue being such an intriguing genre for many people.

Celebrating Creativity and Innovation: Honoring the Most Unique and Memorable Metal Music Videos from 2012

As we bid adieu to the year 2012, one can’t help but reflect on the metal music videos that made an indelible impression on us. The year saw some of the most creative and innovative music videos that pushed the boundaries of what’s possible within this genre. From high-concept productions to stripped-down visualizations, we celebrate these works of art that are a testament to the ingenuity and vision of their creators.

Let’s begin with Mastodon’s video for “Curl Of The Burl.” Directed by Tim Biskup, it features psychedelic imagery and surreal landscapes along with a largely constructed forest in which sinister things happen amongst supernatural beings. It balances humor with horror as well as highlighting the dangers of addiction while being visually stunning.

Another noteworthy video is Gojira’s “L’enfant Sauvage”. A post-apocalyptic wasteland serves as the backdrop for this viscerally intense music video. Director Gabriel Diaz creates a metallic world filled with fiery explosions and violent action scenes, bringing to life Gojira’s pummeling riffs and crushing drums.

Equally inventive was High On Fire’s “Fertile Green”, directed by Phil Mucci, where we watched Matt Pike engage in some insanely metal farming feats like ripping out his teeth all before gruesomely slaughtering animals. But everything is much more fun when it’s High on Fire.

Additionally, Killswitch Engage unleashed an incredibly powerful message through their inspiring fly-on-the-wall style live performance video for “Always”. With performances from dozens of fans worldwide sending positivity against bullying brought attention to something far too important than just any ordinary music video would’ve done.

However, none stood taller than Iron Maiden’s epic return with “The Final Frontier.” Having flown an actual Boeing 747 several times around the world they created stunning portraits of different worlds mixed right into real footage taking our wonders beyond space conquered imagination in one word epic.

In the digital age, music videos continue to play an important role in capturing the essence of a song and expanding on its themes. From slick production values to scrappy DIY spirit, these videos demonstrate just how versatile and exciting metal music can be. They are works of art that showcase creativity and innovation in their purest form – something that we should all celebrate!

Table with useful data: Best Metal Music Videos of 2012

Ranking Band Song Director
1 Mastodon Curl of the Burl Roboshobo
2 Gojira Explosia Xavier Maingon
3 Deftones Leathers Zach Merck
4 Metallica Atlas, Rise! Clark Eddy
5 Lamb of God Desolation Matt Tyree

Information from an expert

As an expert in metal music, I can confidently say that 2012 was a great year for metal music videos. The best ones stood out not just for the quality of their music, but also for their visual creativity and storytelling. Some of my favorites from that year include “Whispers Against the Roar of the World” by Warbringer, “Cult of Chaos” by Kreator, and “Left to Die” by Death. These videos captured the intensity and energy of metal music while adding a layer of cinematic appeal. If you’re looking to revisit some classic metal music videos, these should definitely be on your list!

Historical fact:

In 2012, the metal band Lamb of God released a visually stunning and conceptually powerful music video for their song “Ghost Walking,” which featured references to historical events such as the Salem Witch Trials and the Black Death.